Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa came to sing, and man were you loud. ?There’s nothing quite like standing on a stage hearing a group of believers singing back at you. ?I’m blessed to be a part of that. Indiana, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Fresno, CA

Fresno, we’ve been waiting a year for this night and you guys did not disappoint. ?This was easily the loudest crowd of the tour. ?Over 10,000 of you showed up and you showed up to rock and worship. ?Amazing night. ?We can’t thank you enough. ?Sacramento,...


Portland, we needed you tonight and you showed up in a big way. ?Thanks for singing along and singing loud. ?Tonight brought the biggest crowd ready for worship. ?You truly saved the show. ?Thanks again.

Billings, MT

Another great night in Billings tonight and an amazing night online. On tonight’s broadcast we had just over 17,000 of you watching. You people blow us away.

Council Bluffs, IA

Great night in Council Bluffs last night. You people were loud! Thanks for coming out. Don’t forget to send your pictures to fanphotos[at]therockandworshiproadshow.com and check them out here.