‘Move’ Live

Here’s a little video for the song “Move” taken from The Rock & Worship Roadshow this Spring. Hope you enjoy. Spread the word about this with the Twitter and Facebook links above.

Madison, WI

Madison, if you were at the show tonight make sure to email your photos to fanphotos@therockandworshiproadshow.com and check out other photos on The Roadshow website. ?Thanks for a great night.


It’s here! The Rock & Worship Roadshow is officially starting today. ?We pulled in to Indianapolis this morning and we’re getting all set up. ?There are a couple orders of business we need to address right at the beginning. ?First up, are you following...

A MercyMe Proposal

Tonight was a special night for these two in Dayton, OH. Congratulations to them. Tomorrow night is the last night of the tour. Hopefully the stream will be up and going for the final show. Check back tomorrow for updates.

Live From Dayton, OH Tonight!

We’re Broadcasting live from Far Hills Community Church in?Dayton, OH tonight. ?We’ve only got two more shows left on this tour so tonight will be one of the last times to catch us live for a while. ?Start spreading the word and bring your friends. The...