Ask MercyMe: Bart (Answers)

Jennifer Eckert 2 part question as the answer could be the same song: What song do you hear about the most from fans and what song if you don?tdo in concert, you?ll never hear the end of it? I Can Only Imagine Evan Why won?t you post the churro song? Not worthy to...

Ft. Wayne, IN

Ft. Wayne. What can we say. Thanks so much for showing up and singing. The crowd tonight was amazing. We were ministered tonight more than you can possibly know.

Dallas, TX

There’s nothing like it in the world. Hearing almost 15,000 Believers lifting their voices in worship. Thanks for letting us be a part of that last night Dallas.

A Quick Survey

Click Here for PollOnline SurveyEnterprise Feedback Management | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll We’ve got a question for you. We know that there’s a risk that comes with putting our shows online every night for the world to...

Can’t Help Myself

I am on a plane, in seat 4E, heading to Los Angeles as I write this, and I am in tears thanks to Sandra McCracken. Her new album “In Feast or Fallow” is one of the finest moments of worship I have ever heard. It is absolutely breathtaking! Once in a blue...

Madison, WI

Madison, if you were at the show tonight make sure to email your photos to and check out other photos on The Roadshow website. ?Thanks for a great night.