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Head over to our brand new ONLINE SHOP and check out some sweet items you can only get online.  You can also pick up your Imagine Nation 2018 Tour t-shirt and wear it to the show.  Tour starts next week.  We’ll see you out there. – MM


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  • Joan Murphy

    Love Mercy Me, would like to buy there newest CD.

  • Sharlene Becker

    Love your music. Got to see you in concert for my birthday present from my kids. Bart has such a beautiful voice. You are all wonderful!God bless

  • Karen Graves

    This movie touched my heart and really made me think….also loved the book and I plan to buy both….book really brought out things perhaps we think of but don’t say and also the fact that God is in control and we don’t always think of that….thank you Bart for the book and the movie, which I am sure brought back memories and not always good ones….but you grew thru this….keep up the good work with this wonderful band….

  • Lisa League

    Thank you for adding Charlottesville, VA to your tour schedule for 2018. My friend and I went last night, (10/20/18) and it was her first time seeing you and she absolutely loved you all. I’ve seen you in Northern Virginia a few years ago and your music, stories and prayers are so inspirational. Loved the movie as well. I cried right in the beginning, it hits home for so many of us but God is good and people change.
    You guys are amazing. God Bless you and keep you and your families safe.

    On another note, I always want to buy a t-shirt but would love to have 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves without it looking like a guys shirt. Maybe a future thought for your PR. 😉

  • Teressa Gail Rigney

    Would love your newest cd

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