Behind The Album LIFER

Check out the heart behind the new album LIFER. In Stores NOW!

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  • Bonnie Walker

    Hi you guys are ? awesome. I love ❤️ your new album. Talking to us as friends, we are brothers and sisters in Christ. I am a lifer too

    I hope you are coming to Charleston SC

    Thanks for your beautiful music ?
    Love your sister Bonnie

  • SusanServoss

    Oh Lord! This song is fantastic. I liked Flawless but this is overpowering!

  • Kay George

    Tonight I was driving to Children’s hospital to see my granddaughter and all of a sudden I had tears in my eyes. I realized I was listening to a song I had not heard before “Even if”. I said Amen. After my visit I turned the car radio back on and heard “It is well with my soul.” God’s blessing. Your song is so annointed. Thank you!

  • Julia McKinnis

    Oh my….once again you guys have blown me away with the songs on the newest album…Lifer! Thank you for putting so much into your music that it overflows into those of us who need it. May God continue to Bless you abundantly!

  • Vaniecia Ferguson

    I heard the song ” Even If” a few weeks back, and at the time , My faith was weak, and I was really troubled, the first time I heard it, I just didnt listen, because I was almost in a daze, and then after I really started searching through Gods word, finding answeres to my weakness, I heard the song again, and I just cried… I realized this song was exactly where I was, and exactly what I was going through! I thank the Lord Jesusfirst, for blessing you with the talents needed to write the words and music to this song! Secondly, I Praise Him for using vessels like Mercy Me to bring the message of Grace love and Hope, of which I needed to hear so many times! Thank you for being willing vessels to remind us of ALL that Jesus is about!

  • Gail Rivers

    Thank you for this awesome new album! I LOVE the new grace focus! It is exactly where God has led me and my husband. I am so in love with the good news that we are new creations in Christ and we are so, so loved by Him-extravagantly, totally, overwhelmingly!! For anyone who would like to dive deeper into the grace life, check out Ted Dekker’s ‘The Forgotten Way’ and Steve McVey’s ‘ In The Hands Of An Angry God’. They are both awesome books! Enjoy the full measure of God’s grace every day! Again, thank you Mercy Me! I LOVE your music. Always have, but y’all are my new favorite band! Keep on singing about God’s amazing grace!

  • Debora Lynn Stuck

    This song, Even if, blew me out of the water! I just spent 68 days in the hospital and rehabilitation after a long illness!! The rehabilitation was very tough!!! I prayed to God bc I hated it so much! I asked Him to reveal his plan to me and He spoke to me with one word! That word changed the way I lived every day! I couldn’t walk but learned to turn it over to Him. I relearned to walk and am still recovering but God has been my constant! I wasn’t expecting this to happen, being a single Mom with three sons, I had to turn everything over to Him!! I am still a work in progress, but I am learning!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  • Landon "Landoman" Paige

    The album is awesome. If you guys were to pick a second single, I would want it to be “Lifer” because the song has a great meaning and it’s catchy. “You Found Me” is a good song with a catchy tune saying that we were lost but god found us. “Grace Got You” is a very good song, especially with John Reuben making a guest appearance. “Best News Ever” is one of the best songs you’ve ever wrote. “Even If” is one of my favorite songs on the album, and it deserved to be a debut single. “Hello Beautiful” is saying we should live a positive life. “We Win” says we will win the war, no matter what we face. “Happy Dance” is like a combination of “Shake”, “Move”, and “Word of God Speak”, which is amazing. “Heaven’s Here” is amazing with a great tune and meaning. “Ghost” is a very good song, saying God lives inside us.

    If I were to pick 4 singles, they would be “Lifer”, “Grace Got You”, “Even If”, and “We Win”.

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