Fredericton, NB, Canada

[nggallery id=14] Just when we thought last night was the best night of the tour, Canada showed up in a big way.  I’m pretty sure that everyone in the band was holding back tears during Amazing Grace tonight.  You guys sang it so loud.  Tonight is one of those nights where we felt like we could just keep singing.  We didn’t want to end the show.

Thanks so much for showing up, singing loud, and worshiping with us.

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  • Sherry Hovey

    We didn’t want the show to end!
    I’m sitting in my hotel room now just thinking about how amazing it was.. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life, and it was just such an incredible time of worship. I’m still sniffly from remembering it.. 🙂 My life was defiantly changed tonight, your song beautiful really means a lot to me.
    I hope you guys come back really soon, this was such an experience. we love you!

  • Christie

    Thanks for the amazing show!! Canada loves you guys!!! 🙂

  • Jessica Doucet

    Hey guys. I was at the show in Fredericton, NB tonight. You guys were amazing! God’s presence was so unbelievable; words can’t describe it. I just want to say thanks for everything you guys do. About 5 years ago when I gave my heart to God and was having a hard time from family, friends and life in general, it was your music that helped me through it. When I lost my grandfather in 2007 and felt like nothing could make life better anymore, your song ‘Bring the Rain’ really, really helped me. I appreciate you guys in more ways than you can imagine. Thanks for pouring your hearts in y9our music and for allowing God to have His way tonight! You guys rock 🙂

    God bless and safe travels on the rest of your tour,

  • Sharon

    What an awesome night. The song I Can Only Imagine means so much to me and my family. It was my husband’s favorite song. It was sang at his funeral. It brought me peace. Thank you so much for letting Jesus lead you.

  • Debbie O'Connell

    The concert tonight was AMAZING! Your songs brought laughter, smiles and tears to my face. Your music and ministry really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your love for God with the people in Fredericton NB. It will always be a great memory for me and many others. God Bless you all.

  • Kim

    You guys were so awesome it was a moving concert and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for stopping our way, God bless and have a safe journey

  • Shari

    Your concert last night was AWESOME! The best I’ve been to. I didn’t want it to end! God Bless You on the rest of your tour!

  • Jody Mac

    What an incredible show last night! The band I’m in now opened for you a year ago, but this was the first time I had the chance to see you live. I was blown away.

  • Vicki

    We all really enjoyed the concert last night. We brought all 5 of our children, and sat up in the balcony, I thought it was weird how you mentioned the years before and after 2004..It is strange knowing you guys were struggling at the same time we were. Thank you for sharing parts of your life, it is nice to hear stories so we know we are not alone because My life changed forever when I lost my dad from cancer in 2004, he was a dentist and only 61, he worked while going through treatment, even though he was really sick because he wanted to make sure we would be OK (he didn’t have life insurance). I don’t think you ever recover from lossing a parent.
    A year later, almost to the day, Sept 2005, our youngest daughter, who had just turned 3, was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. The earth hadn’t even completely settled on my dad’s grave. I was devistated. Our church, at that time, gave away all of our animals, thinking they were doing us a favor, which added more sorrow to our cup at that time. When we explained we didn’t want them to give our animals away they, the pastor included, never attempted to return our animals or say they were sorry. We no longer go to that church, or any church, and this was 5 years ago.
    BUT God is good! Through all this I see that, irregardless of the lack of care and love within our church, Jesus knew we needed something more to help us deal with Yoninah’s cancer, I hadn’t anything left since my dad, who I was close to, passed away and now I was at risk of lossing my daughter to the same disease. I see Jesus needed to put another large burden on me, the loss of my two cats that I had for 13 and 14 years and our other pets, to help take my focus off the possibility of loosing Yoninah. So instead of just focussing on her cancer, and her possible death, I was forced to focus on our loss of our 8 pets, and helping us all cope… TO DATE Yoninah is 8 Years old and has been in remission since Nov. 15, 2007! She, for the first time, got to go to camp Goodtime, for kids battling cancer, or are survivors, this year put on by the Canadian Cancer Society! AND, if this wasn’t enough, Jesus brought many people forward, all strangers, to comfort us we were GIVEN 1 chocolate point siamese, “Bones,” 2 Tonkinese cats, “Yadon” and “Zavdi,” and another Tonkinese cat named “Yan”….all purebred and all free, because they heard what our pastor and church “friends” did with our animals.
    Jesus is healing us through all of these things.
    I am grateful to have had the opportunity to go through this with Yoninah, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say to her, “I sure do love you”… I almost lost her, and I am so fortunate to have her still. I am so thankful to undestand what it is like to be a parent of a sick child. It brings you so close to other parents who have sick children. We have shared, by staying at Ronald McDonald House in Halifax, with families from various parts of the world. Only God could love us enough to put us through these things, knowing who we will become at the end. Thank you for everything “guys” your concert was great! Thanks for coming to Fredericton! I really enjoyed singing, and hearing us sing, Amazing Grace… I will include the link so you can see Yoninah in a video Outreach Productions made for us when Yoninah was beginning her treatment(Andy Lapointe, sang this song, and was also Yoninah’s Pharmasist;o) follow this link if you want to see Yoninah:

  • Barbara

    Thanks for the concert, it was great to be there with our young adult and teenage chidren and enjoy the music as much as them. Great to worship with so many christians, thanks to Lighthouse Events for bringing this great much to our area.

  • Jeff

    We didn’t want the show to end either! Wow, thank you so much for coming to our small area of the world and blessing us with amazing music and your sincere words. There truly is a different between attending a concert and being entertained or being ministered to. With you guys it was most certainly the ministering we experienced. You are welcome back anytime and we hope you will take us up on that offer very soon.

  • Joey

    We had a great time at the concert in Fredericton on Saturday night. We were truly blessed. It was great to get a chance to meet the band backstage before the concert. Everyone hopes that you guys will come back real soon. God bless & safe travels.

  • Farmer Dave

    Hey guys….words cant describe the feeling in that auditorium during “all of creation” I consider myself truely blessed to have had the chance to help out unloading the truck and setting up for you guys!!!! Hope someday i can do it again! God Bless you guys in all you do and hope to see you again 🙂

  • Tammy

    This was truly a blessing, I can truly say that this concert has changed my life.. I hope that I’m blessed enough to be at one of your concerts again, God was certainly present. The music was spectacular, but the words that you spoke before you sang “Beautiful” will be in my heart forever, I can never truly express how God used you to speak to me that night..May God truly bless you and your families for all that you give up to spread God’s Love… If I never get to meet you guys here on earth, I’ll see you in Heaven!!!!!
    God Bless 🙂

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