Barre, VT – Barre Municipal Auditorium

[nggallery id=12] Great, loud crowd tonight in Vermont. And what a beautiful town. We were able to grab some coffee downtown earlier today at Espresso Bueno and were honored to sing with you guys. Make sure if you were at the show tonight to upload your pictures on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them.

This week we are up here in the cold. Tomorrow is Massachusetts, Saturday is Canada and Sunday is Portland, ME. Let us know on the tour page if you’re planning on making it. Have a great night. Thanks again Vermont.

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  • Emily Tardie

    Really appreciated you guys coming to Vermont…it was an amazing concert, God spoke to my heart through out the night, and I am now resting knowing that no matter what God is with me!

  • Mike Giovaninni

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at the Lowell show – my wife, Michelle, and I will be at the Meet & Greet (her birthday present) and looking forward to it! May you find yourselves blessed with rest and peace like a river as you prepare to move hearts tomorrow!


    As we all know you guys are the most awesome band there is. Thank you for coming to Vermont. But I want to apologize on behalf of us that wanted you to come to Vermont to play for us, that your dressing room was NOT clean. I find the pictures rather disgusting myself. I’ll personally make sure it’s checked and cleaned when you return 🙂

  • Rachel

    Thank you! Thank you so much for coming to the middle of nowhere land Vermont! I am a college student and find it hard sometimes to stay focused on God, and the life I should live. This concert really inspired me and gave me SUCH hope! Thank you! God bless! Please come back again!

  • Anathea

    I am blessed beyond measure. Bart’s testimony, words of encouragement and song BEAUTIFUL deeply touched my two oldest daughters, ages 18 & 13, whom I had with me, as well as my oldest son who is 16 1/2. The presence of the Lord and His healing hands were felt. I am so thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord and for His unchanging Truth. Thank you, MercyMe, for “being His voice calling and His hands healing”. Be blessed

  • Naomi

    I was blessed to go to this concert. At first I was bummed that we had balcony seats because my mom didn’t buy tickets soon enough, but I am blessed that I even got to go. When the lead singer was talking about his daughters and what they were going to be when they grew up and how much they will worry about their appearance; I was like that. I still kind of am. I am 13, and I worry about my appearance all the time. My hair, my clothes, my height, weight… everything. When he was talking I could relate so much, and I was just an emotional wreck, because of how much I could relate. When I was crying, I felt my 16 1/2 year old brother put his arm on my shoulder, I never really thought that he really cared about me that much. And it just really touched me. We had an issue with this earlier, and I was looking back on that this week, before the concert. I never really noticed how big of a deal it was. I was thinking of that when his arm was around me, it made me cry even harder. But Thank You(:

  • carrie edson

    thank you so much for coming to vermont. this concert was my first and i am so glad that the lord was able to work in my heart through out the night. your guys message was so great and i left that concert reminded that the lord is so great!

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