Jennifer Eckert
2 part question as the answer could be the same song: What song do you hear about the most from fans and what song if you don?tdo in concert, you?ll never hear the end of it?
I Can Only Imagine

Why won?t you post the churro song?
Not worthy to play it.

What is your favorite song to sing? What do you do when you are not touring?
1. Finally Home
2. Anything my family wants.

Ms Karen
What are your favorite cookies? I?m planning to enter cookies again this year at the Kansas State Fair and thought I could share?some with you guys on the 18th of Sept. (I?ve placed 1st in both sugar and snickerdoodle in the past.)
1. Chocolate chip cookies are the secret to my girlish figure.

Zachary Kinney
What is the story behind homesick. Like where did the idea for the song come from
The song was written for my brother-in-law’s funeral who was killed in a car accident.

Hi! I?m from Brazil and I would like to know if you guys have intention to come play here someday?
Pleaaaase come to BRAZIL!!!!!! ?God bless you guys?.
We would love to come to Brazil very soon.

How do you write your songs? Does the vocal part get written to fit the music, or vice versa?
You name it, we’ve tried it.

Richard Kendle
How did you guys get your ?big break??
We wrote “Imagine” for an independent cd and it literally put us on the map.

victoria trapani
Do you ever miss working with the Planet Wisdom
ministry and Mark Matlock? Do you currently work with any other youth ministries?
1. Yes. We have fond memories of Planet Wisdom.
2. We are not directly affiliated with any one youth ministry these days.

Heather B.
What one food item do you hope there will be in heaven?

I love the song Bring the Rain , what inspires you to write a song like that ?
It was written after my son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. A simple reminder for me that God WILL get His glory even through the difficult times.

Another 2 part: After all the dancing, falling to your knees, awing, and whatever else you do? what will be the first thing you?say to, or ask Jesus? Part 2: Who do you crave to see the most in Heaven, besides Jesus.
1. what’s up with mosquitos?
2. My Dad.

Julie Smithey
Can you please come to Southern Louisiana? When you do, can you do tweet and greets? Thanks and God Bless!
Yes and yes

I?ve been in Germany for 3yrs (our youth pastor went to camp with ya?all in Switzerland back in the day). We leave?me and the kids to the states, the wife to Afghanistan?.in about 5 months.
Oh yeah, a question: When can I book you guys to play at our church?? Or better yet, in a hanger on Ramstein AFB??
Anytime! Let’s do it!!!

What is your craziest ?fan meet and greet? story?
A toss up between the couple who named their child “Imagine” and the lady who said her husband was ok with me being her boyfriend. She was kidding….I hope.

What?s your favorite book of the Bible, do you write your own material & most importantly besides when are you coming back to Hawaii?. What ever happened with this??
1. Romans
2. 99% of our stuff we write
3. Used some of the footage live. We need to post them online huh?

when does rock and worship roadshow start?
February 2011

Tom Golly
2 questions? 1. Why wont you accept me as a facebook friend? 2. Why do you guys never come to long island or NYC ??
1. My Facebook account says I’m full, so I have 2000+ friend requests just floating out there. That’s why I spend a lot of time on our fan page.
2. We do play NYC. Usually about once a year.

Jason Yazzie
Forgot to ask you are you guys excited your coming to the Navajo Nation?
Yessir Navajo nation is always a great show.

Rena Ball
How did you get your group?s name?
My grandmother said ” Mercy me why don’t you get a real job?”

Would you all come back to the Rio Grande Valley?? We miss you!!!

Rhea Bender
First of all, MercyMe is one of my all-time favorite bands. I think I?ve seen you 3 times and it?s always an extremely blessed time of worship. I thank God for you! My question is, do your families come with you when you?re on the road? I?m a big baby when?my hubby is away, so whenever I see on Facebook that you guys are doing a concert, I pray for your families.
Our families are so big, it would be next to impossible to bring them all out at the same time, but we do take turns bringing our kids out.

Will Rieske
Is it frustrating, not being able to reveal your musical skill? Is it frustrating to have so many hits, that they consume most of a setlist?
1. Man I hope we are revealing our musical skill
2. It can be, but I ain’t complaining. It’s just good to have hits.

When are you all planning to make a new album?? I am really diggin? ?The Generous Mr. Lovewell?!! I want to hear more!!
Probably 2012

Rebekah Mongold
How much did you enjoy having Family Force 5 on the Rock and Worship Roadshow?
FF5 were the cat’s meow! We had a blast! I just wish we could hang more often.

David Goei
I know you guys don?t do demos and stuff but can I GIVE you guys a song for free? God put it in my heart and only a voice like Bart?s is going to really do the chorus any justice?
And if you cannot answer that, then how did you go about getting spotted? Being a worship leader as a full time career would completely rock!
1. We’re always up for hearing songs.
2. We just kept doing what God has called us to do. Never really had a game plan for getting signed.

Who all plays and sings on the Hymned albums? How did you get the idea for them? (I really like the old time songs.) And are you?planning on making any more? My 11 year old daughter loves Mr. Lovewell and has the song in her head. She wanted to know if it was a real person. I think I have her hooked on Mercy Me now.
1. Russ Taff, Vince Gill, Derek Webb, Anthony Evans and some very special session players.
2. Mr. Lovewell is a figment of my imagination.

Lisa (aka SunnySide)
Hmmm?I can?t think of how to word my question. You know the written word is tough sometimes! How about this: How ya doin? Bart??How?s the family?
1. Doing well thanks.
2. Family couldn’t be better

Why is Jim the coolest guy in the whole wide world.
Because that’s how God made him. Jammed packed with awesomeness. Thanks for the question Jim.

When are you guys comin? to Australia?????.(have been doin? the whole patience thing for years now!!?;p)?.LOTS of fans down here?;)
Hopefully within the year.

We are some of your biggest fans from Canada. Any plans on coming to Southern Ontario?
Not sure. I hope so though.

WHEN are you coming to Belfast Northern Ireland?
Whenever you folks ask!!!!!

Have you always been this funny! Love the concerts and the tweets because they always make me smile.
Oh yes! I’ve been the reigning ” funniest guy ever” for quite a while.

Sherry Ward
Hello Bart ,I would like to know how you ever managed to get through those concerts (Rock and Worship)when you had that terrible?cold.I watched nearly every show and i was just so amazed to see how you could have possibly been able to cope.You are truly an?inspiration in my life.Your music has woken something up inside of me ,i never thought i would have.The way you spoke was so moving.I truly had found the Lord through your words.Thank you Mery Me.God Bless
By the grace of God and some forgiving fans.

I?ve never been to any of your concerts (mostly because i never know when your going to be in Maryland, if you even have been recently) but I?ve watched them online sometimes, and every time i do i go away from the computer with a sense of there being something different. i LOVE your voice and your music. my question is: what is your favorite song that you have written? and also, whats your favorite song in general?
1. Favorite song written is probably “Finally Home”
2. Favorite song in general, would be “At Last” by Etta James. Makes me think of my incredible wife.

Just wanted to let you know that I love your new albumn and I know you were in Asheville, NC not long ago but I was wondering when you were coming back?
Not sure, but hopefully very soon.

Chip Henderson
Bart, at one of your concerts you addressed the ?elephant in the room? and said that Mercy Me is known as the ?funeral band?. My?question is how would you like to be known as the wedding band and play at my daughters (the girl who volunteers at orphanges)?wedding in Marakesh Morocco next May. If you are willing to play for ?Taco Bell and directions home? then let?s praise the Lord?and give Him glory in a land where 90% of the people are Muslim.
Ha ha that one might take a lot of Taco Bell!! Long trip.

Chad S
I?ve been following you since watching every Wednesday at the square in Greenville. To steal your words, would you say it?s easier or harder to ?Be Jesus? day in and out in Mercyme? Easier because you are surrounded by Christianity and like minded followers, or harder because the spot light is on you to be the golden example of living like Christ.
And?Go Rangers, Cliff Lee Cy Young 2010!!!!!
1. It is hard because the spotlight is on you and I couldn’t do it without being surrounded by like minded followers.

Lana S
When are you going to have a concert in NYC? The last time I saw you was during the Billy Graham Crusade back in 2005 and that was the first time I saw you guys performing live. Puuuuuuhhhhh-llllleeeeeeaaaaaseeee comeback and have a concert in the heart of?the city. A lot of people will turn out I promise!!!
Anytime! NYC have been our best shows ever!!!!

what?s you?re fave song of all time??and why??..
“At Last” by Etta James. My wife and I’s favorite song.

What REALLY gets on your nerves?
Is there anything that really scares u besides snakes?
1. the 3rd sneeze in a row. They’re supposed to come in 2’s.
2. Oh yes. Bears, knives being thrown at me, Jim Bryson etc.

Stephanie Reed
Are you a disciplined writer, sitting down regularly to write, or do you wait for inspiration to hit? Where do you usually write?songs? And where?s the most unlikely place you ever wrote one? Is there a story behind God With Us? I was driving when I first?heard the acoustic version. My husband had just called to say his father had passed away ? See Moreafter a horrible battle with?mesothelioma. The next song I heard was God With Us. What a blessing it was to hear God speaking to me through that song. I will?never forget it. Thank you.
1. Not a disciplined writer at all
2. I write songs usually in my office or on the road.
3. A song hit me while driving so I called my house and sang it on my voicemail so i wouldn’t forget it
4. Not really a story behind it other than we set out to write a corporate worship song.

Just wanted to say I come see you EVERY time you are in Ohio. Wish you could come more often, but know there are others that need your ministry. Many blessings for ALL you MEN and families do. THANK YOU ALL. I PRAY YOU DONT STOP ANY TIME SOON.
Thank you

Bart, my brother?s name is Bart. He?s curious what your middle name is?-his is ?Homer?,and he feels like he?s been tortured most?of his life because of his name?..
Love you guys?see you every chance!
Bart Marshall Millard

You guys all have such a great sense of humor-your twitter page keeps me in stitches-I?m wondering have any of you ever played a?practical joke on each other or what was the funniest moment on the tour bus or stage that you can recall? Thanks for helping bring God, peace, laughter, and great music into your fans? lives!
1. We’ve played so many jokes on each other it’s hard to remember them all.
2. Funniest moment on stage would be anything happening to Jim. He’s always good for an over the top reaction.

How can I get a meet and greet pass for your concert in Lakeland, FL on November 20th. I already bought gold circle seats..
Usually through the local radio station. they are always involved with meet and greets.

Ok, finally scrolled down & saw the ?go to website?? Bart, do you ever get tired when you sing on tour? I mean you lead every song, every set, every night?wow! BTW, how?d the hernia surgery heal? GBU & fam!
1. Sure I get tired. That’s why I’m so thankful that God moves regardless of how I feel.
2. Surgery went really well. I can now lift 1 milllllion pounds.

Cathy Davis
I posted my question on FB ? will you be answering questions from both places? :0)
Just here for now. Too many questions, too little time.

Hey, MercyMe, is there any chance you?ll make a concert tour in Europe? Maybe on some summer Christian music festival or something? Thanks for the encouraging music. God Bless all of You and your families.
John from Slovakia (Europe)
We talk about it every year, but I think we are getting close to actually pulling the trigger and doing it.

when i hear any kind of music-I get a feeling,or mood.drums give me a strong feeling,melodies. melodies bring happiness,sadness,love,,lyrics,invoke my feelings,of anger,tolerance.adoration, you think there is a God induced
Not sure I understand the question. Sorry.

mike tittle
hay bart this is mike tittle i was wondering if and when mercyme has any plans to come to grand rapids michigan to play a show please let me know thanks mike tittle
Not sure but hopefully soon.

Ken Row
Do you play any musical instruments?
I play piano when I write, but it’s really, really bad.

How have you seen the hand of God working in your past 10 years? I am 13, and I have collected every single one of your cd?s.(Mr. Lovewell, too) Congrats on being my favorite music band ? you?ve really improoved my Christian life!
Everytime I look at my wife and kids I see the hand of God.

hey Bart!!! dont really have a question, just wanted to tell you how much we?re all looking forward to seeing you guys on 9-24 in medford, oregon. love ya?ll a lot!!
Same here.

Peet Hobbs
Do you ever get tired of playing ?I Can Only Imagine??
Sure I do. You can’t sing it a million times without having a few off nights.

Tracey Medrano
How do you keep God as the focus of your life and music?
Accountability, accountability and accountability.

How many Christmas Concerts will you perform? What is the set-list like? It looks as if I will go from Omaha to Greeley CO to share in your Christmas message. Thank you for any information!
1. These days we do about 100 shows a year.
2. Set list is simply us trying to play what y’all wanna hear.

Mitchell Evans
Hey guys,
Love your music!! Any chance that you?ll be performing in Australia in the near future (or even next year)? It?d be great to try?and get to one of your concerts. We really don?t get many international artists performing in Australia on a regular basis. Thanks heaps, and hope to be able to catch you in Australia one day. Keep serving God and praising Him!!
1. Yes there is a good chance very soon. Stay tuned.

I spend 99% of my day in worship. How great it must be for you to be able to worship with so many people all the time. I wonder?though, does it ever stop being worship for you? Does it ever become work?
Sure it becomes work from time to time. But God is faithful to show up even when I try to screw it up.

Robert Morgan
This is more for everyone. I wanted you all to know that I started listening to your music just a few short months ago I had hit?rock bottom lost my dream job, (teaching science to innercity high school kids) my wife kicked me out for many reasons and could barely support myself. I have been listening to christian radio for a couple of months prior. I have never heard of you before. I just happen to turn on the radio and heard ?all of creation? and it broke me down and i cried because i finally knew what was missing in my life. I had been a christian off and on for most of my adult life and it faded away and i forgot what was important. Now my motto is to lift up my voice and lay my worries down. Thank you for saving me and coming into my life at the right time and reminding me of what is really important. by the way i dont know all your names yet but I live in kansas city and the lead singers daughter was sitting in front of me and she is awsome and beautiful. Thank you for coming to worlds of fun I took my?wife there and now we discussing getting back together again thanks god bless.
Awesome! Praise God for you and your wife!

are u guys going to have a meet and greet at soulfest 2010???
Sorry this is late, but yes we did have a meet and greet at soulfest.

I just wanted to thank all of you at Mercy Me for the song Homesick. I lost my husband in Sept. of 2009 and these words say it all for me. It is exactly how I feel. I have heard the song before but now it is my story. I am a Christian and saved and so was?my husband so I know that I will see him again. It makes me weep to hear it. I Can Only Imagine was sung at his funeral, that has always been my favorite. Again I just wanted to say thank you for the song. You all are Awesome at doing God?s work. God Bless?all of you.
You are very welcome, so glad we could be a small part of the healing process