So one thing that MercyMe has enjoyed over the years is our times to play at this nations fairs. I mean, who can resist a corny dog or funnel cake or some fried Oreos? Its one of the best times of our summer. But seriously, we realize that each fair gives the Church one night to have as our own. Sometimes MercyMe is invited to be a part of it. Its that one night in the fairs two weeks of concerts that the Church body as whole can show up and say this is our night and this is how we do it – We Worship.

Sometimes we are sandwiched in between Kid Rock and Kelly Clarkson. But time after time the Church shows up to make a statement and say that we are here and that we something to say. The feedback we hear from the fair promoters is unbelievable. So whether its MercyMe or another one of your favorite CCM artists, lets get out to your state, county or regional fair and support that one night we get to show that we Love Jesus and have a voice.

Cant wait to see you AT THE FAIR. Check out the tour dates section for more details!