April 29, 2010?Nashville, TN?MercyMe continues to live out their message of ?loving well? as they move forward in their journey across America, recently serving at Rescue Missions in California and assisting radio listeners in Nevada. ?The Grammy? nominated band is preparing for the release of their upcoming album with INO Records?The Generous Mr. Lovewell, available nationwide next?Tuesday, May 4th.

With a desire to ?love well? and also honor those who do so every day, the band recently paid visits to both the Fresno Rescue Mission and the Orange County Rescue Mission in California. In?Fresno, the band met with the men from the Recovery Program and heard?the inspiring testimonies of how God has changed their lives. In addition, they visited the Orange County Rescue Mission in conjunction?with the Fish radio station LA. The station asked for listeners to?nominate family and friends who they felt were ?loving others well.? As a result, The Fish brought in the people whom they felt had the most compelling stories to witness a special acoustic performance by MercyMe at Rockwell?s Bakery?and be on the air with band members and morning show co-host Reba Toney. While some of MercyMe were co-hosting?the radio program, the others were helping with the station?s food drive by collecting cans in the parking lot. Later on in the day, the Fish LA and the band took the donations to the Orange Country?Rescue Mission and served food, washed dishes and loved on the?residents. To view the efforts done in California, watch the video clip?here:?http://www.tangle.com/view_video?viewkey=a63983a3a6f3e393ef13

“It was fun to see how guys from Mercy Me gave Glenda James such a personal connection! She’s going to remember what the Love of Christ is all about every time she starts her car now!” says SOS Program Director, Scott?Herrold.