If you’ve been you to any of The Roadshow shows and stopped by our merch table, you’ve probably seen these cards laying around. ?We figure now is an opportune time to let you know why you are seeing these cards and what they are for. ?In short the idea is simple. ?Do something nice for someone and leave this card behind. ?Whether that’s paying for a meal at a restaurant, buying someone groceries, mowing someone’s yard. ?You get the idea.

Eventually we will have a place for you to be able to download the cards and print off yourself, but we wanted to get the ball rolling before the record even comes out. ?We will also have a place for you to share the event at which maybe you have received a card from someone who has ‘loved you well’.

We’re really looking forward to seeing this thing take off and become a movement across the county with people doing the little things that can truly change people’s lives. ?Won’t you join us?