Hi all you blogolicious folk. Man it has been quite a while since I have posted an actual, with words and everything- blog. I am guilty of hopping on the Twitter train, but some things simply need more than 140 letters to get the point across.

The reason for this blog moment is to give you a little insight about “The Generous Mr. Lovewell“. While I can’t let you hear the music just yet, I can tell you about the songs. I’m doing this for 2 reasons.

1. There are some of you that might care to read about the songs on this album.
2. It’s good for me to type out what makes these songs tick when they are fresh on my mind rather than being asked about them a trillion times in interviews. So here we go.

This Life
As for the opening track of this album, we thought it be a nice reminder that, while we don’t belong here, we ARE here. In other words, God did not intend for us to sit around and wait for heaven, he desires us to live life to the fullest for His glory. This life was meant to shine!

The Generous Mr. Lovewell
Ahh yes the reason for this whole journey. Mr. Lovewell represents those people in our lives who take advantage of every moment to make a difference regardless whether they get the spotlight or not. Believing it’s the little things that make a great big change.

Because of Christ we should move to a different beat. When everything falls apart, we should still have reason to dance. Because no matter what happens…we know who wins!!!!

Crazy Enough
This song has a hint of sarcasm I must admit. Am I insane to think we could love one another?!? Have we gone mad trying to treat people with kindness?!? Well, it may just be crazy enough to work.

All of Creation
Hopefully most of have heard this one. A worship song. Pure and simple.

This song was originally written with all of the band’s daughters in mind, but the further I got into the lyrics the more I realized the message was something that everyone could relate to. It basically speaks of how the world says we are never good enough yet Christ saw something beautiful in us worth dying for.

Back to You
Originally wriiten about how, as much as I try to mess things up, Christ does not give up on me. By the time we finished the song, I realized it applies to my relationship with my wife also. I keep screwing things up and she keeps loving me. Here’s a thought, worship God by dancing with your wife when you hear this one. It’s not possible to not groove when you hear it.

Only You Remain
After seeing the tragedies in Haiti, God gave us this song. I heard a Haitian on the news say his whole world was literally swallowed up by the earth, and only God remained. Tragic and beautiful all at the same time.

Imagine Paul sitting in prison captive yet free. A Fantastic irony.

Wont You Be My Love
A dear friend named Thad Cockrell sent me this song and it knocked me off my feet. It was the heart of “Lovewell” and we knew it had to be on the album. We re-wrote the 2nd verse from the original in honor of Mike and Abby Scheuchzer adopting their gorgeous little girl, Millie.

This So Called Love
The best way to explain “loving well” is if whatever we do does not revolve around the cross, then don’t bother. Amen.

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