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Send a picture of yourself holding a picture of a lost loved one to imagine@mercyme.org and help us reach out to others who might also be hurting.

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  • Anita Hammond

    Awesome Idea! My husband lost his wife to cancer in 2002. This song was played at her funeral. We go and see you guys anytime you are here in Denver. He and his daughter have a time together of remembering Teri (the one who past) when you play that song at your concerts. They would love to be a part of this endeavor. Thanks Bart for always thinking of others. Love you guys and love your updates!

    Anita Hammond

  • Wendy

    I can’t believe of all days you sent out this message about sending a picture of a lost loved one. Today is the 3rd anniversary of the death of my mother and I miss her so much! I know that she is having the time of her life in heaven but that doesn’t ease the pain somedays. I am definately reminded of her when I hear your song. You guys are one of the best bands in concert and hope to see you again soon. I will definately be getting a picture together to send to you.

  • Martha H. Sanchez

    I would really like to send a picture, but is there a dead line?


  • Michele Englund

    I just want to say I love this Idea. It is what I call a Healing Helper..
    My daughter Leah Marie Richter-Conner passed away dec.11-2007 She was 25 and a mother of 2 boys. She loved Your music but mostly loved I can only Imagine. We played it at her service. My camera was stolen a few weeks ago so I hope I can find someone to take a picture of me with her photo for this. God Bless You all.. Michele

  • Jennifer

    I just sent you a picture of me holding my son when he died. It was 9 years ago yesterday that we burried him. Thank you for the opportunity to share our picture and our heart with others.

  • Tammy P

    WOW what an awesome idea, I lost my Dad 6yrs ago to Cancer, I miss him everyday!! I love your music and it has helped me get through some tough times. Thank you for this opportunity to share, God Bless you all.

  • MaryKaye

    What an “extremely thoughtful” idea. Every single time I listen to the song, it brings back such wonderful memories of my mother/my best friend. She passed away in my arms when I was a teenager. Thankfully, I can be enlightened through your song that that’s not the last thing I will see of her. Thank you for the reminder. God bless!

  • Mary

    I have a family member who is ‘lost’ but to our knowledge she is not dead – she is missing. No one has heard from or seen her for 20 years. May I post it?

  • Lily Valdivia

    Thank you, this is a wonderful idea! You guys are awesome! Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of my father and grandmother. I miss them so much. I know I will see them one day and the song “I can imagine” reminds me of them. I can’t wait for the moment when I see them and Jesus.
    God Bless you and thank you for spreading God’s word through your songs.

  • Sheila Brown

    I just emailed you a picture of me and my nine year old son, Luke who went home to be with Jesus on 10/29/09, and this picture was taken only 14 days before his physical death. I then realized that you were asking for a picture of me holding up a picture of him, so I will try to redo this later and resend it to you. Thank you so much for doing this awesome video, Bart, as this has been the most awful tragedy of our life, and we would never have made it through without Jesus! Praise the Living God!!
    Thank you and blessings,

  • Stephanie Post

    When I was 4 years old, I was out fishing with my grandpa and grandma out in Lake Michigan. My grandpa went back to his van to get more fishing gear and while he was gone, I slipped from the pier and fell into the marina. My grandma started screaming and my grandpa came running back to where we were. He jumped into the marina and saved me from drowning. He risked his own life, to save mine… he didn’t know how to swim either. I was grandpa’s little fishin’ buddy… I love my grandpa and look forward to meeting up with him again in heaven, where we will go fishing in God’s big ol’ pond.

    Thanks for the opportunity to honor him with this wonderful idea!

    God Bless,


  • ~janice~


    What an awesome idea and how touching. I lost my son 30 years ago, the pain has eased but as my other children grow older I think of how neat it would be had he been here with us.

    I thank you for your touching ministry!

    God Bless You,

  • Anita Islas

    I will be sending a picture of my beloved husband Edward and myself, he went home to be with the LORD, Nov 24th,09 and while he was in hospital I would play worship music for him, I can only imagine was 1 of many, my nephew who sings worship and plays guitar @ his church sang this at his memorial service. Everytime I listen to this song I weep because I can only imagine, I miss my precious husband but take comfort in Our Heavenly Father that one day I will see him again. Thank You, God Bless You ~ Anita

  • Karen Soto

    Thank you so much for this. My husband went home to be with God on 8-7-09.He had metastatic prostate cancer. I thank God that he no longer is suffering and no longer has cancer but I still miss him.
    I can only imagine what he did when he first saw the face of Jesus. I can only imagine….
    God bless you all!

  • Vickie Fern Jackson/Rhoades

    My mom passed away in 08-08 from a brain tumor. My best friend, she is missed by me and my family every day. “I Can Only Imagine” is one of the songs we had played at her Celebration of Life. My life will never be the same again without her, but because she is in Paradise, I feel closer to her than ever.

  • josiah davenport

    my daughter passed away in 2001 she was born early weighing 1lb 14 oz i was told she would not make it thru the night she lived 27 days she was are miricle baby angel marie davenport

  • Pam Chittenden

    Your music is so wonderful. I lost my mom on Oct. 13, 2008 after a brief illness. Two weeks later my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. We moved him into our home and cared for him until he passed on March 26, 2009. At his service we played 3 of your songs. I Can Only Imagine, Finally Home and Homesick. Of those I think Homesick was the most touching at his service. I miss my parents greatly, and your music helps ease that pain. Thank you.

  • Gayle Jolley

    I think this is a great idea. I have sent a picture of my daughter Kelly Mayo who was killed in an auto accident in July 1994. She has been gone almost 16 years and I still miss her so much.

  • Marjory Freire, from Brazil

    What an awsome and thoughtful idea! You know, that was the one song that led me to listen to your albums – the lyrics is so touching, one almost thinks God is actually standing by his/her side, at arms’ reach. I’ll definetely send you a snapshot of me holding my mom’s picture. On April 4th, 1983, only 25 days before my 23rd birthday, she passed away. sometimes I feel time hasn’t healed my heart.
    thank you SO MUCH for letting us share our feelings.
    God bless you!!!

  • Marjory Freire, from Brazil

    What an awesome and thoughtful idea! You know, that was the one song that led me to listen to your albums – the lyrics is so touching, one almost thinks God is actually standing by his/her side, at arms’ reach. I’ll definetely send you a snapshot of me holding my mom’s picture. On April 4th, 1983, only 25 days before my 23rd birthday, she passed away. Sometimes I feel time hasn’t healed my heart.
    Thank you SO MUCH for letting us share our feelings.
    God bless you!!!

  • Cherry Dyer

    May God continue to bless you all. Thanks for SO MUCH wonderful music! I lost my husband of 35 years eight months ago tonight, after a lengthy illness.. I watched him go through so much. Near the end he became a hospice patient. One of the nurses there told me that he could be still hanging on because he was reluctant to leave the family. She suggested I tell him that it was okay to go. I did, that night, when I visited him. He had been restless for days, and as soon as I told him it was okay to let go, a calmness came over him. That was on Tuesday night. On the next Saturday night, July 4, 2009, he did let go. He went home to our Father, and Savior. I miss him, but would not wish him back from where he is now.



  • Lenny Jones

    Hello Bart/Mercyme group
    Hope you are doing well. Iwould like to send a picture of a past coworker who died on the job last July. I copied and pasted the article below. But for some reason or another I could not copy and paste the picture of him and his wife. There was also a picture of him on the job which showed his colorful personality, which would also be great in your video. I worked with Don Lichliter for a little more then 5 years. I knew his wife, Daughter Allison, step daughters and step son. My heart dropped when I heard the news and my heart hurt for his family. Knowing he is in heaven is the only fact that comforts me from this tragedy. If you can help me get these pictures to you and put them in your video Dons family, Co-workers friends and myself would surely appreciate it. There is a detailed article below of what happened and where. I can also probably have other co-workers help you with photographs if needed.
    Thanks Sincerly
    Lenny Jones

    AUGUST 2009
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    ObituariesDistrict 10 Caltrans Worker Killed on Highway 99

    Don and Mandy Lichliter
    Tree Maintenance Leadworker Donald Lichliter worked for Caltrans for 27 years.
    Donald Lichliter, a Caltrans Tree Maintenance Leadworker, was struck and killed by a passing truck July 23 while performing spraying operations along State Highway 99 near Lodi. The 53-year-old Modesto resident had worked with Caltrans for 27 years.
    Mr. Lichliter is remembered for his love of family, his motorcycle and his job. Still, he knew the perils of highway work. He went so far as to advise his family that they should point to his death as an example of the dangers of working alongside the state’s roadways – should he ever become a fatality.

    He is survived by his wife Mandy Lichliter, and four children: Nicole Lewis, 30, Jollene Kelley, 28, John Lewis, 27, Ally Lichliter, 15. He also had two granddaughters Gianna Lewis, 5, and 7-month-old Lera Kelley.

    The family and Caltrans mourners, many of them wearing Caltrans attire, said goodbye to Mr. Lichliter July 30 at the First Baptist Church in Modesto. The Lichliter Family requested Mr. Lichliter’s co-workers to wear Caltrans colors.

    Family and friends recalled Mr. Lichliter as a loyal employee who loved Caltrans, and would work late into the night or double shifts when needed. He was proud of his work both as a tree maintenance lead worker, as well as the trees and lawn he maintained at home.

    To help the family at this difficult time, co-workers and friends may send donations to the California Transportation Foundation at 581 La Sierra Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864. Please designate the Lichliter memorial fund in the notation portion on the bottom left hand side of the check.

  • Kenny Frazee

    My Mom had a brain aneurysm on May 31 and passed away on June 1. Things have been really crazy especially with my dad.
    My Mom & Dad went with me to see Mercyme on there 50th Wedding Anniversary before she passed away. I love what you all do and what an awesome idea. Your music and Gods love gets me thru each difficult day. God Bless!

  • David

    I think this is a wonderful idea. I lost my wife in 2003 and have been raising my daughter solo ever since. Imagine was played at her memorial by my churches worship team.

  • Haidy

    This is an awesome idea, i’m soo glad to know that our loved ones aren’t forgotten. My husband was killed in Iraq on May 26, 2007. He had been home on leave in April, he was able to meet his daughter, and spent 3 1/2 weeks with us. he was killed 20 days later. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him, it’s hard but God has been my strength, and my daughter Grace has been my grace! The lead singer/music director for our church’s musc group sang this song for us at his funeral, so everytime I hear this song I think of him. Thank you i will be sending a picture of us holding his picture:-)

  • Wende

    This is such a beautiful idea. I lost my husband and three (step)daughters last May in an airplane accident. My two remaining daughters and I believe they are in Heaven watching over us. Such a beautiful way for everyone who has lost a loved one to remember them. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Botell

    My son died in a hiking accident on Mount Lassen in July. We played “I can Only Imagine” at his service along with a slide show of him. I am hoping to see you guys on April 2nd in Sacramento. I will eb sending a picture of my family holding a picture of our Tommy.

  • Nathan Montgomery

    I think this is an awesome idea. I lost my grandmother a year ago to serious infection. We brought her home from the hospital on December 23rd and she lived until January 11th. We got one last christmas with her before she passed. Its been a year and I still find myself thinking about her and how much I miss her. I know she is still watching over me. I love you Granny.

  • Tya

    This is an amazing idea. “I can only imagine” was my mom’s favorite song! She passed away from cancer very fast (3 wks from when we found it). I was only 17 at the time and needed to be the rock for my family since everyone else shut down. I think this is such a great way to honor everyone we’ve lost. Thank you so much!

  • Elaine Alam

    We recently celebrated the 12th anniversary of our youngest daughters homegoing on Feb. 26th 1998. Her name is Cassandra and she was 5 1/2 when she left us behind due to terrible accident. We know that one day we will see her again in heaven and rejoice knowing she is there and greeted many other loved ones since, grandparents, greatgrandparents, a newphew to list a few. We look forward to the reunion we will have some day but know our work here isn’t through. We are in the process of moving from TX to PA and our framed picture of Cassandra is in the middle of a box already packed. Is there a time frame for getting pictures to you for this project? Thank you for the opportunity to remember her this way and the many others you will be getting responses from. God bless you and your ministry!!

  • Jocelyn

    When I heard this great idea on KLove this morning, I started to cry. I love that song and everytime I hear it, it reminds me of my father. My father passed away in May 2009 almost a year and I miss him so much; it still hurts. I would love to be part of this. Great idea!

  • Jessie Sweet

    This is a great idea. One of my best friends just passed away Friday Feb. 26. She got in a car accident on December 9th. Her name is Kelsey Lieux and she was 18. She went to Central High School and throughout these past couple of months the Central community has been supporting her and her family through all of this. We had a couple fundraisers, made “We Love Kelsey” t-shirts, and hope bracelets. We want to send a picture of the family and friends with a big blown up picture of our angel Kelsey. Is there a deadline?

  • Holly Hammon

    Thank you guys so much for what you do! I love your music very much and the song, I Can Only Imagine, brings happy tears when I listen. I can’t wait to join my only child in heaven. He was taken away from this world violently at the age of 22 on November 11, 2003. When I get to heaven I will be dancing, again in happy tears looking up to our wonderful Lord..but then again I may not be able to do anything but gaze into his eyes and be a puddle at his feet. I will send in a picture of me holding a picture of my beautiful son, Gary Flynn. He is my 6’6” angel in heaven! God Bless each of these fan’s who hold so much happy memories and pain deep within their hearts of their loved ones. Thank you Mercy Me for allowing us to share our stories! It means so much to be able to do this!!

  • Lori Roczkowsky

    I love your idea Bart!
    I have just said goodbye to my beautiful Mom on December 31, 2009. She died of cancer at 63 years of age. Together, our family has cherished MM’s music through the years. We played Finally Home during part of her video tribute.
    I will joyfully send in a picture, because I do imagine what she is seeing now and can’t wait to be with her worshipping at the feet of Jesus.
    Love to you all!

  • Allyson Holub

    I heard this on K-Love this morning and immediately thought of my new husband and daughter #3. My husband and daughter #3 (we don’t like to use step in our home) lost their wife and mother a little over 3 years ago to lung cancer. After Sue passed they became saved and were baptized. What a wonderful tribute this would be to reach out to other’s whom have suffered such a sudden loss. Be looking for their picture. We hope to see you in Cedar Rapids in April. We saw Mercy Me at the Adler in Davenport, IA a little over a year ago and what a TRUE BLESSING you all are!

  • Stephanie

    Awesome idea! Thanks for the opportunity to share the memory of our loved ones with others! God Bless

  • Rebecca

    This is awesome. I heard about it on KLove this morning while I was driving the school bus. It made me think of my mom, who I miss very much, but I know she is in a better place, wiithout pain. Please, I’d love to be a part of this. I was very close to my mother. It is still very painful to know that I can’t pick up the phone and call her or go and see her. Thank for letting me get involved in this. God Bless

  • Priscilla Luker

    I will be sending in a picture of me holding a picture of my husband who went to be with Jesus on jan 4, 2010. He struggled with addictions for 26 years of his life here, and finally decided to let go and let God remove these bondages in his life. He heeded the call of the Holy Spirit who audibly told him in Sept of 2009 to, “get your house in order.” He passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 43. Had this happened in August, I know I would not have the blessed assurance that I do now that we WILL be reunited one day at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Til then,” I’ve never been more homesick than now.” Thanks for giving me the opportunity to touch someone else’s life with a little part of his and my testimonies of the miracle Jesus performed in my husband’s life before his departure for a much better place than this. My 10 year old daughter and I cling to the promise of our Savior that he wiping every tear from Tony’s eyes and is holding us up in our period of mourning. We know that joy will come on the morning!

  • Candace Marley

    I sent you a picture of me holding my Mike’s picture. I lost him Oct 22, 2009 to Stage IV Malignant Melanoma. I know he’s no longer in pain and is healed and happy, but I still miss him so much! I know I will be reunited with him again when my time comes.

  • Shelley Grieser

    Thank You, Bart!
    I heard you announce this idea on K-Love this morning. What an awesome idea. I lost my mom to cancer 11/28/06. Even when my mom was fighting the cancer, hearing “I Can Only Imagine” always brought me hope. We played your song at her funeral and it will forever remind me of my mother. We miss her so much, but know that she is healed and happy, and enjoying a feast with our Lord and Savior.

    I will send a picture. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to honor our loved ones. We can’t wait to see you at the Roadshow in Colorado Springs. We love you guys!

    God Bless Your Ministry!!

  • kevin kuhl

    My sweet Mom Anita Goble went to the arms of the Locing Father October 2008. I emailed a picture of a beautiful serene place called balanced rock in Hot Springs Ark. She always wanted to hike there with me, but because of her health could not. She was certainly with me this day. I can only imagine the day when I see her beautiful face again….. Bigger Love

  • Lori Astle

    I will send a picture of my beautiful 20 year old son who went to leave with Jesus on the way home from a men’s retreat of our church….yes we played I Can Only Imagine at his memorial.

  • Jodie McGinley

    I just submitted our picture and let me say, what an honor it is to be a part of this compassionate ministry! Here is a bit of what I wrote with our picture:

    We prayed for a baby. But it never crossed our minds to pray for a healthy baby. Is this because we were nieve to think it could happen to us or was our Lord preparing our hearts for what was to come?

    After miscarriages and intensive fertility treatments, we were expecting twin boys. One of our twins was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at 19 weeks. So we knew we had quite the challenge ahead of us: a perfectly healthy baby and a Special Needs baby. Once we delivered the boys in August, our precious Eli was found to be much more severe than even the BEST High Risk Fetal-Maternal Specialist in the entire state could detect on Bi-weekly ultrasounds all throughout the pregnancy. This tells me that GOD HAD A SPECIAL PLAN IN PLACE and these issues weren’t supposed to be found. We made the decision to pull Eli off of life support 3 days later. Against all odds, he breathed on his own for 31 more hours, just enough time to see many miracles happen throughout that time frame, the biggest being his ability to be an Organ Donor. And because of a team of very special doctors and nurses at Arkansas Children’s Hospital & UAMS, Eli was transported back to UAMS to be joined with his twin brother before he passed away.

    Once he arrived at UAMS, the nurses and doctors scurried around quickly as they opened Walker’s incubator and the doctor placed Eli inside. Then, they placed Eli’s hand on his twin brother and his color immediately returned as Eli also grinned. I would have never believed the power of twins had I not seen this myself. Eli needed to see his twin brother one last time before returning to Heaven. It was obvious.

    We are blessed to have been chosen to carry them, no matter what the outcome.

    God doesn’t make mistakes. Eli was sent here to save a life.

    Elijah Cole McGinley
    August 3rd, 2009 – August 8th, 2009

  • Laurel Johnson

    Our handsome, intelligent beloved 21 year old son, Ian, was a water polo player and psyc major at Penn State – Erie when he was diagnosed with cancer. On April 26, 2009 after 14 months of every known type of treatment he returned to the Lord. He is healed, he is triumphant and I long for the day we are reunited. His spirit was always filled with joy and humor and wit and I miss him. We played I can only Imagine at his memorial. I also had the privilege of seeing you in concert in Naperville, IL in Nov. 2008 I will definitely send a picture. Thank you for doing this.


  • Pam

    Just submitted a picture of my daughters and I with my brother’s picture. Steve left this world WAY too early at age 45. He leaves behind 3 teenage kids, but has joined his youngest son, Blake, in heaven. Picturing them together gives me a great deal of peace. My daughters and I also sang “I Can Only Imagine” at my brother’s funeral. It was one of his most favorite songs. We were honored to sing it in celebration of his new life in heaven. I have a video posted of us singing this at his funeral on my blog – http://pamcole.blogspot.com/. This is a very cool thing that you are doing, Mercy Me! 🙂

  • Linda

    My son, Tony loved your music and was one of your biggest fans. He and I would sing I could only Imagine, together in the car, house or at church. We talked about the song often, what we would do when we first saw the Lord. He would joke with me that I shouldn’t sing, because I have a bad singing voice. He was 20 when he had a tragic car accident. I know my son, he raised his hands and sang! We will be sending a photo. Thank you for this.

  • Laura

    I heard about this on KLOVE morning radio show… I started to cry because at my unlces funeral (he is also my godfather) who passed away in this past dec… the song I can only imagine was played… he requested to be played before he passed away which gives that song so much more meaning to me now everytime I hear it

  • Angie and Amber Spear

    Bart, I heard your idea on my way home from working 3rd shift this morning on the radio. My daughter Amber is going to send you a picture of a precious friend we lost who touched many lives. I can’t wait to see you guys in Indpls. I want so bad to get the VIP tickets to
    help Juvenile Diabetes my youngest son is 15 and was diagnose at 5.
    I will also be contacting my dear friend Donna Alvey to see if she wants to send you a picture of her son David, He was 16 when he collapsed on the football field and died soon after. They soon found out it was because of undetected Juvenile Diabetes. She and her family are such an inspiration they do the walk every year and are always looking for ways to inform people of the warning signs. God Bless you all! And look forward to meeting you someday! The Spear family.

  • Anne L

    Bart and all the guys of Mercy Me.

    Thanks for a great opportunity to share and celebrate the lives of the people we miss. My aunt went to be with our Lord a little over a month ago after a long and brave fight with Cancer. I am a Cancer survivor myself, so it made our bond even more special. Anyway, I Can Only Imagine was the one song she requested to be sung at her service, and it was one of her favorites. My uncle and I as well as the rest of our family share in joy through the tears that Brenda no longer has to imagine what it will be like, but is there in all the GLORY. PRAISE GOD. Thanks for the ministry that all of your music is to so many people….me included. God Bless. Anne in Mesa AZ

  • Lynetta

    I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer February 2007 and I lost my favorite Uncle Bob within 6 months from his cancer, and I just know he was so happy and humbled meeting Jesus face to face….oh how he loved Jesus. Your song means so very much to me, it makes me think of him and of me, how will I feel meeting Jesus?
    It is my ringtone for my phone. I have requested that this song be played at my funeral. My girls cry everytime they hear it. What a beautiful song. I miss my Uncle. I will send a picture of me and my uncle.
    Thank You for sharing your hearts and wonderful voices.

  • Carol

    I just sent you a pic of me with a pic of my husband! We were only married 2 1/2 years when he left for Heaven July 24, 2008. He loved Mercy Me…and God used I Can Only Imagine in a special way after he passed.
    I hope your band reads my letter of thanks for ministering to my husband, and I also hope you use our picture!
    Romans 8:28

  • Gloria Galaska

    What a cool idea! My husband and I lost our son Ethan after a 4 year battle with leukemia, at the age of 18. Hearing I Can Only Imagine just makes me smile to think about most importantly meeting Jesus face to face but then to be able to hug my son again, I can only imagine the overwhelming joy in my heart!

    Thank you for allowing your fans to become a part of this incredible song and thank you for blessing me beyond measure with so many of your songs!

  • briana

    Hi MercyMe, I am Briana and i am 10 years old. I lost my aunt Donna to cancer last year. I can relate with all those people who are going to be holding up their pic’s because my aunt Donna was a very special person to me.
    I will be seeing you at the Road and Road show this month in CA

    thank you Briana

  • Gina Weldon

    I just heard about your idea on the radio while on my way to the store. I had to detour as I started crying. I lost my son, Joseph, on May 18,2008. We are going to get together for a picture to send. This is going to have a huge impact on people who have lost loved ones. We were most comforted by people that had suffered the same loss.

    Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. –2 Corinthians 1:3, 4

  • Marisol

    I lost my husband on January 12, 2010. I purchased your CD which came with the DVD “MM10” for the song “Homesick”, however, I can’t find the words to tell you what a BLESSING it is when I put on the DVD and listen to all those sad yet encouranging songs. The Lord has comforted me through your awesome talents. Yes, I will send the picture in. Thanks so much for following your call.

  • Amy

    I just lost my father Feb 16th 2010. It was very unexpected and my mother and I are extremely devestated. He was such a wonderful father and grandfather. My three young children loved him very much. I will be posting a picture within the next couple of days. Thank you for providing an opportunity to remember.

  • Joyce Bunting

    Thanks for your gifts, Your music is so comforting. I lost my husband Bill on Jan 11,2008. My son Steve sang your song “I can only imagine ” at his service. It was beautiful, and fit my husband to a “T”. Now when I hear your song, I still cry but it’s a comforting situation. Keep doing what you so love to do. Your music feeds the soul and helps me connect with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Sorry I don’t have a picture of me holding him. God bless you all.

  • Dietmar Malta

    Is there a time frame in which pictures must be submitted?

  • sue mangan

    I am going to send a picture of me holding a picture of my husband 43, brother 33, Neice 20, Nephew 27 and Sister 49. I have lost all with in a nine year span. I love your song it really brings comfort to me and yes it was played at my Neices funeral. The last three years I have lost some one yearly in my family and I can not stress enough how healing your song is!

  • heidi

    How do i stop receiving all the responses…

  • Sharon

    My brother died in a tragic plane crash on March 4, 2008 at the age of 44. His plane encountered a flock of Pelicans flying over Oklahoma City. He and four other people lost their lives that day. Your song, I can only imagine, was used at his funeral. EVERY time I hear that song, it makes me think of him and provides so much comfort. Music is such a healing thing, it just transforms you.

    I plan to send a picture of our three children holding a picture of their beloved Uncle. He left behind a wife, two sons, Mom and Dad, Mother-in-law and father-in-law, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 3 brother-in-laws, 3 sisters-in-laws and 14 nieces and nephews. We miss him very much, but we know that he is with our Father in heaven and we WILL see him again one day!

  • Karen Haught

    On November 28th 2003 our 23 year old son went to Heaven to be with our Heavenly Father. Kevin was born with many disabilities and as a result he could not talk or hear and at the end he could not walk… through the years of caring for and loving this special child we took joy in the simple pleasures he could give…. a hug, a grin, and that one of a kind laugh ! AT his memorial service our dear friends sang I can Only Imagine….. when I hear this song I think of Kevin being able to dance and sing and do all the things that he could not do here. But mostly I take comfort in knowing he is safe and secure and basking in the glow of Our Heavenly Fathers love!

  • Shaopei Zhang

    I found myself looking through some pictures my mom earlier today, she passed away exactly 4 month ago from cancer. All I could feel as I was going through the photos was the painful memory of losing her. But it just so happened today was the first time that I heard on the radio about what you guys are doing. I truly believe God wants me to contribute to your effort of helping those who are still hurting. So you can expect a picture from me.

    For His glory,

  • Anne Lucas

    This such an awesome idea! I lost my 1st born son on Dec 28, 2008 his was 20 years old, to a drunk driver also on drugs(this was his 2nd time). Michael was serving as a designated driver for a friend needing to pick up his brother that night. Michael did not believe in drinking and driving. Michael was and is so loved and admired by so many people. His friends say that he taught them so much and they strive to be more like Michael. He was always helping out someone, who either was stranded on the side of the road with small children and no money for gas. Michael spent his last 20.00 to help this women out. Some man who was walking down the road with 2 hands full of groceries and Michael picked him up and drove at least 15 miles round trip to get that man home. You could be stranded on the side of the road with your vehicle and Michael would get you help or tow you home. He often helped animals in distress or hit by a car. He even helped out a family for months who needed groceries. Michael was beyond 20 year’s old. He was an angel on earth and now he’s an angel in heaven. We played your song at his Memorial, we could not believe the amount of people who came and showed their respects. I guess I am just trying to let you know how special Michael was and is to a whole lot of people. I am no longer complete, my son Nick who is 19 lost his best friend and brother. They were going that week to sign up to be volunteer fire fighters together, but Nick had to go by himself without his best friend and brother. They wanted to be police officers together also, but that isn’t going to happen either. The trial for Michael’s murder is coming up at the end of April, could you all pray for us. This is going to be a very difficult time for us all. Michael’s killer needs to be brought to justice. I will be sending His photo. Thank all of you so very much for this and God Bless You! Anne Lucas

  • Nancy Harp

    I am really excited of this project that you are doing. WOW. My son, who I know would have been a Christian artist, sung this song several times at church. Unfortunately for our family, he went home to be with the Lord on August 14, 2007, due to an unexpected Aorta Dissection. He was 3 weeks shy of his 14th birthday. THis past year he would have been 16 years old. We often imagine what he would look like now, how tall he would have been, what his voice would have sound like, and what it would be like to hold him again. We have shared his stories on http://www.whywaiteministries.com. God bless and I can’t wait to get the family together to take that picture.
    Always blessed in His grace,

  • Jamie McKnight

    Hey y’all! A few days ago, March 4, marked the 21st anniversary of my dad passing away along with March 12 being my 21st birthday and the anniversary of my step-dad passing away 7 years ago.. On the 4th on my way to work listening to a favorite song at the moment- Speaking Louder Than Before- Jeremy Camp, something in me turned the radio station and didn’t even realize it.. what to I change it to? That’s right the Intro to I Can Only Imagine, an ALL time favorite, I requested to have this sung at my ‘dads’ funeral and it reminds me how awesome God is, my fathers are now with our God in Heaven dancin with Jesus, and I can only imagine what it will be like when I get to meet my biological father in Heaven (:
    Hope I can get a picture submitted!
    Love y’all… Jamie

  • Michelle Liratni

    Your song has touched my heart! On February 4th, 2010, my baby sister, Jessie went to heaven (she passed on the same day her father did 14 years prior) Jessie had two heart transplants, God blessed us to have her with us for 10 additional years… still not enough time! Your music fills my heart with joy and hope… one day I’ll join her in heaven and I do believe I will dance before Jesus!
    God bless! Photo of Jessie and her two “big” sisters is on its way to you! Hope to see you in Indianapolis next week!

  • Leslie Griswold

    Hey Mercy Me!!!! I lost my husband to bone marrow cancer Jan 2006. Last summer I was on a christain dating website and met a man in Australia named Andrew. He lost his wife to breast cancer in Nov 2004. We have been writing now for about nine months and I am flying(from California) to meet him in June. Just this week we discovered that we had both chosen “I Can Only Imagine” to be sung live at our spouses services. So I am taking a picture of my late husband with me on the trip and we plan to take a picture of the two of us holding pictures of our loved ones. Hopefully it will get there in time for use in your concerts.

  • Lorena Ramirez

    Hello Mercy Me. My daughter passed away on April 16, 2006. Her birthday just passed on March 6, 2010, she would of been 17 years old. She was a true fan of yours, she will play your CD’s and just sing along. I think that your new project is great. I have a website for her, desiree-ramirez.last-memories.com, “I Can Only Imagine”, is one of the song’s on her website. God Bless, see you at your concert. I know you don’t remember everyone you meet, but my husband and I were blessed to meet you. God Bless

  • Anna

    I lost my husband of 35 years to cancer,I can only imagine what Heaven is like and what he is doing in the 2 years my time, I imagine someday soon what Heaven will be for me when i reunite with him for now God assures me through your music and lyrics that there is hope for the lonely and the broken hearted and there is a Heaven that we all will inherit if we trust in the one God and His Son and only then can our dreams of Heaven become reality.I look forward to seeing you again in New Mexico I have everytime you have been here, I pray for you guys that God will continue to give the words for your music that helps so many broken hearted souls like myself to find peace and comfort and hope for there is a Heaven that we will more than imagine someday , as we join our loved ones God Bless you Love from New Mexico…………… Anna

  • Teri Yaskus

    I will be sending my photo in as well soon as I get a chance. But I just wanted to let you know my story… I just saw your concert in Anchorage, Alaska. I never knew your story behind the song. But here is mine:
    My mother had cancer and we knew her time was close to being able to go home to heaven. I got the call at 7am April 21st 2004. I had had the privalage to take care of her for the last six months of her life in my home. We had taken her to the hospital to get better pain control. My step-dad was with her when she went. Soon as my step dad told me, I kept hearing these words in my head … ” I can only imagine…. would I fall to my knees…..” and that was it. My daughter who has special needs was four and kept asking mommy why are you crying, I told her and she told me we didnt need to cry cause when Jesus comes to get us we will see grandma again…. talk about faith like a child!!! Anyway, I kept hearing these words in my head for several hours…. I went to get into my car to drive to my aunt and grandmothers house and when I turned the car on it was playing your song, “I can only imagine” I lost it and cried so hard! I knew my mom wasnt having to imagine, she was there! The cool thing about this is that my husband at the time was not a Christian, and would not for the life of him listen to a Christian radio station, and he was the last one that drove the car… I believe God knew what I needed and I am sooo thankful that God through you, you were able to write such a wonderful song that has touched and changed my life! THANK YOU!!!
    When you sang the song in Concert here in Alaska, I lost it and just cried, I had no idea you had lost your father and that was the reason for the song…. Again, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Rolando & Valerie Romero

    I will try to send a photo soon as I can, our only daughter went to be with the Lord in July of 2005,we miss her so much she blessed us with two grandsons & a son in law, I recall us talking about this beautiful song on the radio that we both heard ,it was I can only Imagine, we played it at her memorial service.Your music has and is always encouraging me to stay in our walk with the Lord regardless of what may come our way. Your music expresses how I feel when I am hurting and encourages me that I am not alone,as I praise and worship with your music I know Mandie (my daughter) is praising in Heaven , thank you guys so much!!!!!!

  • Steven Buydos

    I think this is a most amazing idea. My wife lost her grandmother two years ag almost to the day. I would love to send in a pic of her and her mother holding a pic of her grammy. Is there a deadline and how would I send it?

  • Stephanie Ann

    Thank you for sharing such an inspirational song. I lost my son in May of 2005. When he died I died. I heard this song one day and my whole life changed. I know I was meant to hear it. My son and I both shared a love for music and I know he knew this was going to be the only way to get a message to me. I know he made it to Heaven and he wanted me to know that it is more than I can imagine. I am living a life to make my son proud to say “God here she is, my Mom” when I leave this place and my son has my hand as I go to my home in Heaven. I dream of this moment always ~I Can Only Imagine.

  • Emma Wong

    This is such a thoughtful suggestion. I lost my Dad 5 months ago, he suffered a massive heart attack and died in my arms, only days after meeting his new baby granddaughter. I take great comfort in knowing that he loved the Lord and he is now with Jesus! The lyrics to I Can Only Imagine are so profound, when I hear it I try my best to sing through the tears. What a truly wonderful song, it reminds me of the joy and hope we have in knowing we will one day be reunited with our loved ones and most of all, Jesus. Thank you.

  • Shelley Gerber

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard you talking about this endeavor on K-love last week. My sister. also my best friend, past away in 2009 at the age of 53 of pancreatic cancer. She requested to have this song played at her funeral. I still mourn her and miss her so much. Thank you for helping me through my grief.

    Shelley Gerber
    Queen Creek, AZ

  • Monica

    Is there a time frame in which pictures must be submitted?

  • Ashley Reading

    I sent a picture of my Mom holding up a picture of my great-grandparents from my phone to you guys… How do I know if you got it or not???

  • Dona Cann

    My Son Robert and his wife Angie just told me today about this great ideal you have Bart.

    I lost my husband Tad one year ago February 9th 2009. I actually buried him on Valentines Day. I miss him so much. You know our Lord tells us to be thankful in all things, this I cannot be thankful for, his passing, but I am thankful that he was a godly man and he loved his Lord and I will see him again one day, I long for that day.
    So I am planning on sending a picture of me holding a picture of my beloved as soon as I can.

    Saw ya’ll in concert in Destin last year, you and your bank are truly a blessing to me and it is obvious that you love the Lord. I played serveral of your songs at Tad’s funeral. I can only imagine, When I finally make it home, You reign.

    Thank you for this great idea. I hope it all goes well.

    God Bless!!

  • Dona Cann

    whoops…band lol



  • Lance Feyh

    My son Daegen passed away at 4 1/2 years of age of Leukemia. He was a patient of St. Jude in Memphis, TN. I have included a link to my facebook page with a video montage of Daegen set to “I Can Only Imagine”. We played this song at his funeral and starting last year a coworker of mine sang this song at his memorial celebration. He also sang ‘Homesick’ and it was amazing. Thank you for doing this. I am very touched.


    God Bless,

    Lance, Janelle, Alexa and Angel Daegen Feyh

  • Dee Marie Lubbock

    To The Band MercyMe:
    My dayghter Brittney and I were able to see you in concert last week in Anchorage Alaska. It was our first christian concert, and we were totally blown away by you guys. The fellowship and love for Jesus that we felt in that auditorium was powerful, uplifting and life changing. In times of doubt or temptation, I know in my heart that there are people just like me, going through the same hurts, confusions and loss and that for us all, the best is yet to come! I can only imagine seeing my Daddy again someday. God Bless The Band & All That You Sacrifice In The Name Of Jesus Christ Our Lord! ~ Dee Marie

  • Ann Knabenbauer

    I guess I am one of the only ones who lost my loved one in 1976. I was 11 when my dad died of a heart attack and I have been waiting so long to see him again! I love your music and it keeps my days going strong! Cannot wait to see you in Madison Wisconsin! <3

  • Greg Dennis

    We heard about this on KLOVE. What an awesome idea to help families heal and express their love for their love ones. We have sent a picture of our Chad that we miss so much. Chad accepted Christ at the age of fifteen. That is when he introduced his mom to MercyMe and I Can Only Imagine. He told her she would love it and she still does. Chad, at the age of 18 left our lives on March 19, 2003 due to injuries in an auto accident. Our neighbor who is a good friend sang this song at the funeral. It always touches our heart when we hear this song and also Healing Rain. May God continue to bless you and the band.

  • Chelsie Cheyenne

    Thanks for inviting us to all share in such a beautiful song. You truely understand grief and the need for memories of our loved ones to be shared. Will you be e-mailing us back to let us know how this project turns out? It would be nice if you’d post it on Youtube so we could see the finished work. Thanks!

  • Leonila Colin

    I lost my son Mario; whom I miss so much, this song was played in his memorial service and when I hear the song it reminds alot of my son. I think this is a great idea and I thank your for giving us the opportunity of placing pictures of our loved ones in your music video.

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