JANUARY 18, 2010 (Nashville, TN)

MercyMe is hitting the road this week with visits to multiple radio stations all across the country to premiere their new single, ?All of Creation,? from the band?s upcoming INO Records CD, THE GENEROUS MR. LOVEWELL (May 4).

The band has a ?divide and conquer? approach to this promo tour, with band members Bart and Barry hitting the West coast, Jim and Nathan the East Coast, and Robby and Mike the midwest.

We thought it?d be fun for you to see what they?re saying as they trek across the U.S. this week. Watch for updates throughout the week!

On Day 1 of the tour, the band brought their fans along via twitter, check out their tweets below, along with a few photos:

?Let’s see who has the best radio road trip. Barry and Bart aka Team Barty. Jim and Nathan, Team Jathan. Or Mike and Robby, Team Mobby?
(via @BartMillard from KBIQ in Colorado Springs, CO)

?Ok Colorado Springs, about to Play the new single.?
(via @barrygraul from KBIQ in Colorado Springs, CO)

?Our biggest fan! Working hard in Florida on the radio promo tour.? http://twitpic.com/yntns
(via @jimbrysonmm from WPOZ in Orlando FL)

?Jim and I are on Z88.3 this morning here in Florida. I think the other guys are missing out not being on the east coast with us.? (Via @nathancochran from WPOZ in Orlando FL)

?Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!!! Tune into Klove @ 7 this morning for the world premiere of our new single All of Creation!!! Here we go!!!! http://twitpic.com/yn7ie ?
(via @mikescheuchzer from KLOVE in Indianapolis, IN)

?So… Eric & Lisa are going rogue and playing our new single once an hour!!! They didn’t want anyone to miss it.?
(via @robbyshaffer from KLOVE in Indianapolis, IN)

? Lunch with Star 93.3. http://twitpic.com/yoapu?
(via @robbyshaffer from WAKW in Cincinnati, OH)