Below is a letter we received from our Compassion representative and we wanted to share it with the rest of you.

Dear friends,

Wanted to send you another update with a few new bits of information in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Sorry in advance for the length, but trying to cover lots of information in one big swoop! 🙂

First, thank you for the many prayers for our children, our staff and their families. I know that God is in control and he loves all the people in Haiti very much. I know that he hears our prayers and is moving on our behalf, to His glory.

Second, communications into and out of the country are still down. Therefore, Compassion does not have information on specific Compassion child development centers or any Compassion-sponsored children in Haiti at this time. Compassion is working hard to communication with our sources within the country. As soon as information is known on specific centers or children, Compassion will release that information to the sponsors of those children.

Next, will you please join us in raising funds to help our effected children and their families? Will you tweet, facebook, blog about this to your readers? We are encouraging everyone to go donate to Compassion?s Disaster Relief Fund. This fund goes in to to action for times such as these. Compassion facilitates relief efforts through the local churches both for the short-term and for the long-term. This is the biggest on going need for Haiti right now. Here are two ways to quickly donate, plus a link for banners, etc that link to the fund:

* To Give Online to Compassion: Please visit to give online and to get current updates.

* To Text A Donation: Text “disaster” to 90999 to give $10 to Compassion?s Haiti relief efforts.

* For banners, widgets, etc, go to:

And last, I have a huge, personal prayer request. We have 2 amazing team members from the US office (one of my co-workers on the marketing team, and a videographer) who are still unaccounted for. As the hours pass, it seems more and more ominous. Dan*, one of our internet guys, is amazing man, he has a wife and two young sons. His wife heard from him about 20-25 minutes before the quake hit, and he was on his way to the Montana Hotel that now is just rubble. We know God is in control and he is trustworthy. Yet, our hearts still worry and are saddened by this entire tragedy. Thank you for your prayers!! (See Update Below)

Will leave you with a wonderful quote from my pastor?s wife: “When we consider God’s greatness, we must surrender to His mysterious ways, and come back to the deeply rooted confidence that He is in charge, and He is trustworthy.” (Kim Thomas)

Much love to you all,

* Video of @webguydan being pulled out of the rubble in Haiti: He is 1:30 into the video.