See these guys? ?They are on the road with us every show. ?They are the ones that set up stuff and make things work. ?They are also the guys that you are going to be looking for once you are in the building. ?Why are you going to look for them? ?Because each day they are going to have two coupons for free CD’s from the merch table. ?All you have to do is know the ‘code word’ to get a coupon from them. ?Each day we will Tweet a code word before the show. ?The Tweet will look something like this: ?MM Crew Hunt: ?”Guitar”. Then you’d go up to one of these guys and say “Guitar” and they’d give you a coupon. ?Seems easy right? ?Now, these guys only have two coupons each so once they are out, they are gone, so you need to hurry and find them.

There is also a “mystery” crew guy out there named Dustin. ?He was too shy to get his picture taken so you don’t get to know what he looks like. ?Here’s a hint. ?He’s running sound. ?So there it is. ?Come to the show and Follow Us On Twitter for a chance to say hi to our crew boys and pick up a free CD.