Cover Tune Grab Bag – “I Feel Fine”

Great job getting even more people on the Live Broadcast tonight.

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  • Jen

    Another morning of CTGB!! Happy Sunday!! God bless.

  • Gette

    Awesome way to start the morning! Got to watch the stream last night and it rocked. Now you have to come back up to this neck of the woods! Festival season is just around the corner!!!

  • Troy

    You guys could sing the phone book and still sell millions of records. Thanks for the great show last night in West Des Moines.

  • Joe

    Good stuff! Thanks for broadcasting your shows on the intenet. You guys were great last night!

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    I am so glad you have such a vast list of tricks up your sleeve! It was definitely worth the wait last night. As always. It’s fun to see Barry out of his “I’m a serious artist don’t mess with me” look. And of course, Nathan. Always wanting in the picture and never serious! Ha! Thanks again for a great stream last night. Almost as good as being there. 🙂

  • MomS

    Kept expecting Nate to pop up with his pony tail, a bow in the hair and a pink girly MM shirt…

  • Houston Bass

    More Beatles Cover Tune Grab Bags!!!!
    That was awesome!

  • David Clemons

    First I would like to say thanks for all the great music, I can only image was my son’s favorite song and he was killed in Iraq in June of 05, I still tear up when I heard that song, at his memorial service I created a slide show of his live with that song in that back ground, it is still very moving almost 5 years later, again thanks for all of the lives you have touched.

    Proud Marine Dad,
    David Clemons

  • Brenda

    That was good !!!!! havn’t heard a Beatles tune in a while!!!!! :0)

  • Rachel

    You guess should do ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ (Bonnie Tyler)–it would be epic.

    In case there’s any confusion on the lyrics ;), here’s a flowchart for your reference:

    LOVE the Cover Tune Grab Bags–keep ’em up.

  • Sheryl Jackson

    Since it is the Christmas Season, Do you think you could do the BC Clark jingle? That would be awesome.

  • Pete Barker

    I have had tons of fun watchign all these. You should try on “I’ve got a hammer in my heart” by Utopia.

  • Lynette Braun

    MORE Beatle’s tunes….I love “I Feel Fine”. You guys are a hoot!! How about “I Wanna Hold your Hand” or “She Loves you”…..

  • Shannon

    Are they still doing it? I haven’t see no new ones in 2010! That is the last one they did. What going on?

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