Attention all Slobbers! We need your help! Mercyme has a new project releasing in April called “10” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of when “I Can Only Imagine” was written, or what we call “the year when everything changed.” The album contains 10 of our biggest hits plus a few other surprises including a lost MercyMe track never before heard, the much requested kid’s tune “10 Simple Rules” and a very special version of “I Can Only Imagine” recorded at the incredible Abbey Road Studios in London with the London symphony! We’re talking the same dudes that recorded the Star Wars soundtrack people!

Now this is where we need your help. In case you did not know, the music industry as we know it is going through somewhat of an identity crisis. With digital downloads at an all time high, this industry built on tangible product, mainly CD’s, is trying to figure out who are they are and what their future holds. In the meantime less risk is being taken on the artist. In other words, bands are having to rely on direct contact with fans to promote their records effectively rather than hoping for the labels to come up with an effective marketing plan. And maybe that’s the way it should be.

What does all this mean? Basically it means we are asking you to spread the word about our new project “10”. When it comes down to it, the best marketing is when you recommend music to your friends. I rarely have bought an album based on an advertisement or a review, but I have bought tons of records because my friends said they were good.

So please tell your friends, Facebook it, Myspace it, Twitter it, email it, smoke signal it whatever you have to do to get the word out.

We absolutely love blogging and staying in touch with you guys, and now we are asking for you to spread the word, so we can continue to share our hearts and be absolute goofballs for many years to come. ?The album?releases on April 7th, but you can pre-order it TODAY!

Thank you so much for being the greatest fans in the world! Now go get’em!

Not a “10” but more like a “4.3”