Sophie Update


What a difference a day makes! This morning it was truly touch and go with Sophie’s breathing, and tonight they are already considering putting her into a normal room because she has made a complete turn around. Praise God!

Apparently being large has its perks! Fortunately, Sophie gets her girth from her mother, rather than having a girlish figure like her dad…(not sure why Shannon is laughing hysterically as I type this.) Anyway, they said that due to Sophie being bigger and stronger for her age, she was able to put up with junk where most whimpier babies would throw in the towel. So hear this all whimpy babies of the world! Sophie’s coming for you…wait sorry…that makes no sense. Anywho Sophie is doing much, much, much better and, Lord willing, we could possibly be home by the end of the week.

I cannot possibly express how greatful we are for the bazillion prayers that went up on Sophie’s behalf. We were in tears most of the day reading everyone’s comments. Thank you, thank you thank you. God is good! Please continue to pray for her safe recovery

Amazed by Him,

Ps I am going through serious Sam, Gracie and Charlie withdrawls. Daddy coming home soon kids, and he’s bringing the good times with him!

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  • kristina

    Praise God! So glad Sophie is doing better, Bart! Praying she’s home soon! Hugs to you and your family!


    Yes praise GOD. My family and I will keep praying. GOD bless

  • Michelle

    Glory to God!!
    The weapons of our warfare and not carnal, but MIGHTY THROUGH GOD!!!!

  • Beth/Mom2TwoVikings

    PRAISE GOD! So glad for you, Bart! Ya told that mountain “MOVE IT” and it obeyed! He is good!

  • Anne

    It is good to hear that Sophie is doing well. Will keep her in my prayers.

  • Dale Best

    Praise God! Thanks for the update, Bart!

  • myrna

    praise God for he IS good!

  • Sylvia

    That is wonderful news. Thank you God. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  • DeeDee

    Woohoo! God is good, indeed! Great news! 🙂

  • Corrine aka Mama Gomer

    God is indeed good! He honors the prayers of His beloved! Seems like the whole of the CCM world was praying for you guys yesterday, and continues today. (We Gomers are fasting today for Sophie and your family.) God must love you guys a lot to employ so many of His children in your behalf! And so do we all.

  • Heidi H

    So thankful to hear that she is doing better!! Praise the Lord!

  • Ginny Lynn

    Brant Hansen gave us the good news on the early show on WAY-FM I personally contacted 2 friends to pray yesterday and we’ll lift the family up at our bible study in Palm Beach Gardens tonight. South Florida is thinking of all of you.

  • Katherine

    So happy to hear she is doing better! Been praying for sweet Sophie, and will continue to lift her up!! She is definitely a fighter, and glad you can find humor in the situation!! Hopefully you can bring her home again soon and be reunited again!! Blessings on you all~

  • Christy

    Praise the Lord!!! That is the greatest news. Thanks for letting us know. I bet the other kids are having withdrawls too.

  • Kelly (Race_12_1)

    Thank you Lord for your love and merciful kindness!!!!!!! Thank you for your unending work on our behalf and for the comfort and protection you gave the Millard family especially to little Sophie.

  • Donna

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of Sophies recovery. Praise God for every miracle every day.
    Our son was born 3 1/2 months preemie and RSV was such a fear for us on his underformed and damaged lungs that we kept him on RSV shots for the first 6 winters of his life! We also became hermits during RSV “season”. Despite our careful planning Matthew got RSV one week after they had declared RSV season officially over and one month after his last shot at age 5. Although his lungs were damaged he was able to fight back and with Gods grace has continued to develop and get stronger.
    Go Sophie Go!

  • Jen B

    Thank you God. I’ll continue with the prayers.

  • Becky

    I am so glad Sophie is feeling better! I pray for her to return home soon. God is an amazing healer. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.
    Such a cute pic of Sophie, Sam, and Charlie. All children are blessings from our Heavenly Father.

  • joanne

    Thank God!!! You all will continue to be in my prayers. I am so relieved she is doing better.

  • Erik Bledsoe

    Woohoo! Go Sophie! My wife and I prayed off and on all day yesterday. Grateful for the news.

  • kristi

    I am so joyfully happy for your family! I only heard about this when I went to see you last night in concert in West Palm Beach. We are praying hard for all of you.

  • Mom S

    I don’t twitter (doing good to submit emails to your wonderful website) Just want you to know we are rejoicing with you as you live another of God’s miracles! Go Sophie!! Love you all so much –

  • Terry (apostlethatroks)


    (that is a personal chant of mine…it comes with its own rhythym too 😉

    That picture is giving goosebumps. I’m smiling at those children as if they were sitting right here in front of me! (Terry’s a little giddy today…she’s a fellow fasting Gomer…)

    Terry <

  • Toby

    AWESOME!!! God is great!!

  • Rosa


    I met you at Calvary Church in Naperville and I read your posts all the time, I recently heard about Sophie this morning on Klove and ran to your website. They said a really nice prayer in the morning and I just wanted to tell you that we are praying and she will be out of the hospital in no time. I think about you alot because my coworker looks like you heh I haven’t told him that YET!! Good luck with Sophie!!

  • Miranda

    Praise Jesus! I have been fasting and praying for Sophie and your family today, Bart! Our Lord is SO amazing!! Continuing to pray!!

    With Love in Him,
    Miranda =]

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Thanks for taking the time to twitter. The twitter traffic has been so amazing. What did we do before twitter? I am in awe, again, of God’s mercy & grace. Even heard “Bring the Rain” today & thought, “ha”! Sophie is resilient, just as her Dad is resilient. And Sam, and Charlie, and Gracie! God Bless. 🙂

  • Debbie

    Praise God! for He is good all of the time. Wonderful marvelous glorious news….

    Mucho Much Love and Prayers!

  • Paisley

    I am so glad that Sophie is doing better and I believe in the power of prayer. We went through RSV with my grand-niece a few years ago so I know how hard it is for you and Shannon. Praise God she is improving!

  • debbi

    Praying that Sophie continues to get stronger minute by minute…she is resting in the arms of God as she recovers…Blessings to all

  • Kelly

    I have been weeping tears of joy since I woke up this morning and received your update about Sophie coming off oxygen! God is SO good! As it’s already been mentioned, the Gomers are praying and fasting today for little Sophie. Team Campers have joined in as well and we won’t stop until that little girl is home where she belongs! 🙂 Praise the Lord!

  • melanie martin

    Praise God! Such good news to hear…….love you all

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Yes! I was so glad to get the twitter that she was doing better. I’ll continue to pray with you through this.

  • Virginia Hays

    Hold this child and her family in your arms during these scary moments. Help the doctors and nurses have the wisdom and caring to continue to do their job.

    I heard about this on my way home on 90.1 radio station.
    I went thru the same type of sickness with my son when he was 8 months old. It was his first of many hospitalizations in his young life. It was very ruff, but having faith helped so much

    Virginia Hays

  • Brenda

    YEA!!!!!!!! God is good!!!, Blessings to you all!!

  • Brenda E

    Bart and Shannon,
    It’s alarming how fast life can turn on a dime. I’m grateful to God for touching your baby girl and making her turn right back around. God continue to strengthen and watch over little Sophie.
    God bless you Shannon to be rid of these kidney stones. We haven’t forgotten about you and are praying for you. Drink that water!
    Hope you guys get some much needed rest and are all home sooner than expected.
    In Christ

  • Angie Rose

    I’m SO glad to hear that she’s doing better!! Ive been praying since i heard the news! I’ll second what Kelly said: Team Campers ARE praying for that sweetheart, and we WONT stop praying ’till she’s completely better!! Praying Sophie gets home sooner than anyone could’ve expected and both of you (Shannon and Bart) will be able to have peace in this difficult time. God Bless and may the peace of Jesus Christ be with you.

  • Kim

    Thank GOD! I have been praying for little…er…BIG one! :0) So glad to hear she is doing better!!

  • Laura Chambers (LaurelLeaves on Twitter)

    I was crying these past two days not knowing. I didn’t check the Internet until today because I stayed home from the library yesterday. Praise God for keeping Sophie alive!!! I was literally going insane without news. Keep on thriving, Soph!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Kim Franks

    Bart & Shannon,
    My family & I have been praying for Sophie & your entire family. Yes Bart, you have a show in Canada, but due to the circumstances, I don’t think anyone would mind if you postponed. God has placed Sophie in your hands, so please don’t feel bad about putting your family first. We love you & only want the absolute best for you, Shannon & the kids. I’m praying that God will ease your burdens & make the decision about tomorrow be one of ease & peace. As a nurse, I know how this illness works, but as a mom, I can only imagine what you are going through. Be strong for each other & know that we are out here lifting all of up in prayer. Thanks you so much for keeping us posted. We love you!!!

  • Laurie in Ca.

    Praying for your sweet Sophie today. I just found out about her on Zoe’s blog. Since I am late, I will join rank at the rear and pray for you all to be home soon and for her complete recovery. Thanking God for Sophie’s girth too:)

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  • Tracey

    I also just found out about Zoe, and wanted to say that prayer is powerful! I will join the ranks of those already praying!
    Being a fan from Canada who is excited about hearing you play tomorrow, to be inspired and feel the presence of God. We would be disappointed not to hear Mercy Me, but life is precious, take time and be where you need to be!

    Praying for your family,
    Tracey from Canada

  • Rebecca T :D

    I got the twitter you sent that said she’s taken a turn for the worst and on top of that u r going on tour. I just want you to know that i am sill praying for Sophie and i hope she gets better soon.

  • Rebecca T :D

    I got the twitter you sent that said she’s taken a turn for the worst and on top of that u r going on tour. I just want you to know that i am sill praying for Sophie and i hope she gets better soon.

  • Rebecca T :D

    I got the twitter you sent that said she’s taken a turn for the worst and on top of that u r going on tour. I just want you to know that i am sill praying for Sophie and i hope she gets better soon.

  • Carrie

    praying for your sweet baby girl…and for you and your family to feel the loving arms of Jesus around you. i pray that she continues to improve and that you are all home together soon. thank you for all you do to encourage people to Jesus. you are making an eternal difference in His kingdom.

  • Drew

    May your concert tonight be a tribute of praise for God’s healing grace. I know we all wish we could be there with you tonight to celebrate Sophie’s healing and to glorify God for His love and mercy.

  • annie

    This is excellent news!

    To God be the glory.

  • TLC-Tammy

    This is one lifted up little girl. Late Fri. afternoon the DJ on XM radio-The Message told the story of little Sophie being sick and for everyone to remember her in our prayers and to pray for Bart since he was leaving his falmily to go back on tour. We are all one big family in Christ!

  • Kylie

    I guess I just wanted to encourage you guys (not that you need it). I thought I would share with you how precious your music is to my life. Long story short…walked down the aisle to “i can only imagine” my mum while dying used to listen to your cd almost there all the time, we played the same song at her funeral. The day before we burried her we found out we were expecting our first baby – a little girl we named in my mums honour (we had been told we could not have kids). 16th December last year we gave birth to twin boys, which we thought we were going to lose due to a rare liver disease (in both of them). We watched doctors use our little men as pin cushions(like they did my mum). They had liver bi-opsys and we were getting prepared to take a 5 hour flight to the other side of Australia for life saving operations. Two days before we were due to leave we were told the tests have come back clear and we no longer have to go. God is so good and hears our prayers – even when we are to weak to talk and all we can do is moan on our knees, he knows our hearts and our desires, he is the giver and taker of life and every good and perfect gift is from him!.
    I am so happy that your little girl like our boys has been restored!
    PS: You are so good at making me cry – you seem to be living my life and speaking the words i just can’t. Thank you >

  • Melinda

    Dear Bart and band,
    I’m back in my hotel room after your concert at Breakforth tonight. It was truly fantastic…

    I find that many people offer up prayers for people, but rarely do you get to hear them, hence this prayer for you on email…

    “Heavenly Father, I just want to lift up the whole of Mercy Me to you tonight. Thank you that they ministered so powerfully and effectively to the Breakforth gathering tonight. It’s so wonderful that your Holy Spirit can often work best when we’re ‘broken and spilled out.’ Lord, I ask you to carry the six of these men in your strong loving arms, and guide and protect their children and families. Thank you for allowing Bart’s wife to have the strength to care for their precious little ones when daddy is away, and to share her husband with so many of us underserving Breakforth delegates. May you truly bless them for their authenticity tonight. May the guys in the band minister one to another as a unified small group that demonstrates the strength of Christian brothers. Keep them in the palm of Your hand Lord. We praise you and love you in Jesus name.” Amen!

  • Charley

    So glad to hear Sophie’s coming home, Bart. Praise God! Get some sleep, finish your trip, and get home to see her.

  • Elina Russell

    My husband and I just got back from the concert in Edmonton, Canada. We wanted you to know that we are praying for your little daughter and the rest of your family–praying that the Lord will continue to carry you through this time and praising Him for the work he has already done.

    We were truly blessed at the concert tonight! Thank you for coming and showing us God’s grace at work. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” God was glorified tonight! Thank you thank you for coming!

    God bless,

    Elina & Elliott Russell

  • Johnny M

    So glad to hear that Sophie’s doing better!!! I know what you’re going through…Well not really. My parents would though. I have more experience on Sophie’s side; I was born with pneumonia and I almost didn’t make it. The doctors said it was a miracle I made it and here I am, haha. I’ll keep you and your daughter in my prayers. I saw you guys last June when you played RiseFest in Iowa. I loved that show!! You could really feel God’s presence, something I don’t experience often enough. You gotta get ’round near Iowa more often…When your daughter’s better.
    Continually praying for you guys,
    Johnny M

  • John S

    Glory to God!

    Glad that Sophie is doing better!
    I will continue to pray for her.

  • Shelley

    So glad to hear she is doing better! Praise the Lord!

  • Rene

    I am praying for the continued improvement of your daughter,Sophies health.It’s only thru your daily walk with Christ,that God continues to work in your life and in so many others.Your strength in God is evident in your witness and thru your music.Stay strong bother ,we’re praying for you and your family.Thanks for the ispirational music,helping me stay more focused on God.

  • Ruth Beattie

    I was so blessed when you came to Edmonton,Alberta Canada at BreakForth while Sophie was clinging on to life in the hospital. When I saw the tears in your eyes from singing,”Because He lives” I was so moved. I pray total healing for Sophie, and I pray many blessings on you and the band for blessing me at the concert.

  • Christina Allen

    Thank God Sophie is doing better. My daughter was hospitalized for RSV in Jan. 2006. She was almost 5 months old then. I definitely understand as a parent how scary it is to see your child so sick. She is doing well now except she has asthma. I thank God for taking care of her. I will pray for God’s continued blessings for you and your family.

    I’m hoping to see u guys when you come to the Big D for the Rock and Worship tour!

  • Chris Alves

    Bart, It is so great that she is doing so well. My family and I have been praying for you and your family and we know God answers prayers. I will never forget meeting you and the rest of the band at Winter Jam 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida. All of you got me through our toughest times ever when we lost our son Daniel to Leukemia. May God continue to bless you and your family!

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