What a difference a day makes! This morning it was truly touch and go with Sophie’s breathing, and tonight they are already considering putting her into a normal room because she has made a complete turn around. Praise God!

Apparently being large has its perks! Fortunately, Sophie gets her girth from her mother, rather than having a girlish figure like her dad…(not sure why Shannon is laughing hysterically as I type this.) Anyway, they said that due to Sophie being bigger and stronger for her age, she was able to put up with junk where most whimpier babies would throw in the towel. So hear this all whimpy babies of the world! Sophie’s coming for you…wait sorry…that makes no sense. Anywho Sophie is doing much, much, much better and, Lord willing, we could possibly be home by the end of the week.

I cannot possibly express how greatful we are for the bazillion prayers that went up on Sophie’s behalf. We were in tears most of the day reading everyone’s comments. Thank you, thank you thank you. God is good! Please continue to pray for her safe recovery

Amazed by Him,

Ps I am going through serious Sam, Gracie and Charlie withdrawls. Daddy coming home soon kids, and he’s bringing the good times with him!