OK, guys…you’ve done amazing things to help Sam win the JDRF contest, we’ve done a ton for Compassion International together, and we’ve had lots of fun along the way. Now I’m asking you to help another friend of ours.

James Christopher Allums is a HUGE MercyMe fan. ?He’s a 12 year old kid from Monroe, LA, where my wife is from, who loves hunting, laughing and hanging out with his friends. James Christopher has been to a couple of MercyMe shows when he could make it…even ran into Bart when they were on a family vacation!!! James Christopher has also missed a couple of MercyMe shows that he hoped to make, but couldn’t because his counts were too low. He has a disease called Fanconi Anemia…a bone marrow disease.

To help this make a little sense, a healthy person’s marrow production is 100%. ?James Christopher’s is 7%. The way you can help is by being tested to see if you are a possible match. It’s a simple Online Bone Marrow Drive that only takes a few minutes. Normally this test costs $65, but for 2 days, you can resister in Honor of James Christopher Allums for $0!!!!

The test is a simple cheek swab…no needles, just a cheek swab!!! There is NO reason that we don’t all jump online and do what we can to save this fellow SLOBs life…LITERALLY!!!

Also…as you all know…PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, for James Christopher and his family. We all know who the true Healer is and everyone of us can call him up and beg Him for this boy.

To order your free testing kit, go HERE

Remember…it’s free for 2 more days. After that, it’s $65. Don’t let the money stop you from being tested if you don’t get to it in the next 2 days, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to bless and maybe even SAVE a life!!!!

Remember to specify that you are testing in honor of James Christopher Allums. For more about James Christopher, go to:


Thanks SLOB’s….I know you’ll do what you can!!!!