Alright folks. It?s that time again to announce this month?s??S.L.O.B. of the Month?. ?Remember how this works? ?The?blogger??S.L.O.B.ber? that sends this blog the most traffic in a month is awarded the honor of being called??MercyMe?s S.L.O.B. Of The Month?. ?

Using sophisticated computer tracking and other high-tech devices, we are able to?determine each month?s ?Spectacular Blogger?, and to show our appreciation for your efforts in building this community we will send you an autographed copy of our newest album?All That Is Within Me. ?Not bad eh?

Anyway, now for the moment you all have been waiting two or three minutes for, the announcement of November?s ?S.L.O.B. Of The Month? is Mr. Jeff Culmer. ?Now, we have worked with Jeff in the past, so we know him, but for the rest of you, go introduce yourself to Jeff, and give him a big S.L.O.B. Congratulations. ?Jeff, your CD is in the mail.

As for the rest of you. ?It?s December and the race is on.