So I get asked quite frequently about my hair. “How do you get it to do that?” some ask. Others say “does it take a long time? Or some just give me the old stand by “Cool hair Dude!” Whatever the question is, my normal reply is “Bed Head”. Now by that, I dont mean, the way I wake up in the morning. It is the company by TiGi that makes hair products. We have a great friend that works for them in their marketing and media relations department and she hooks us up with free product whenever we run low. That is how we get such outstanding shine and look to our hair. Especially Barry and Mike. I would like to take this time on behalf of Mike and Barry to thank the folks at TiGi / Bed Head for their continued support to the Band even though they no longer need the products. HAHA

The picture posted above is a shot of their warehouse. Its amazing to walk into a room that big and it smell so amazing. The whole warehouse smells like shampoo, conditioner, lotion and gel. So to all those kids that would like to have a mo-hawk for christmas, just have mom and dad buy you some Bed Head Mo-hawk gel and you will be ready to go.

– Robby