Hello S.L.O.Bs!!!

So we received some awesome news today. You’re very own MercyMe has been nominated for an American Music Award!!!! For those who may not know, the cool thing about being nominated for one of these is that YOU GUYS pick the winners. Unlike other awards that are decided by industry type folks, and big wigs, the AMA goes to the artist/band, that the fans vote for.

So now, we put it to you… can you help us win the 2008 AMA??? As always, there is some stiff competition with our friends in Third Day and Casting Crowns, so we’re just honored to be in the running at all. But all brotherly Christian love aside… wouldn’t you like to say you helped us beat them?!?!?!?

That’s right Mark Hall and Mac Powell, today we officially start the “AMA Smackdown!” If in fact we win… we will write an original song thanking you all and perform it as a Cover Tune Grab Bag.

S.L.O.Bs UNITE!!!!