“So if you have been around on the MercyMe web site for a while, as in, you read the blog before it was the spectacle that it is today. You may remember Nathan talking about a secret mission he was on. Well now the time has come to pull the curtain for the big reveal!

So introducing-Diving Blind, the EP! This is a side project that Nathan has been working on for a long long time. Diving Blind is Nathan Cochran on lead vocals and guitar and two friends, Jeremy Jaqua on drums, and Preston Martinez on bass. “This has been a long time coming and I am very excited that it is now out in the open.” says Nathan.

The official release date is just a few days away on October the 16th. So please keep coming back for more details on how to get Nathan’s side project, “Diving Blind- the EP”. And for more info on the where and how of all this!