We have officially entered my favorite time of the year. Fall! Why you ask? Well I just so happen to have my top ten reasons why Fall rules. Enjoy.

10. High school football
9. We are that much closer to Christmas
8. I can finally wear a sweatshirt and not pass out from the heat, well at night anyways.
7. College football
6. We can finally use the fireplace!
5. I can go to Starbucks and ask for a hot chocolate without being called a sissy boy. Wait…no that still happens.
4. Pro football
3. The cooler air makes the mosquitoes slower, so I don’t have to run, flinging my arms and screaming like a little girl as much.
2. Less sweating for Bart…this should be on everyone’s top ten!
1. Fantasy football

There you have it folks. By all means, let us know about your top ten! And don’t forget “Less sweating for Bart!”