Hey folks how’s it going? Well it is time to add a new segment to our blog called, “Before and After”. We thought it would be funny, and cool to show you the difference between our first ideas for a song and the finished product. Sometimes there are very little changes, and sometimes it is a night and day difference. Hopefully our first one will explain itself.

The first recording, the “before”, is our earliest demo of what is now known as “Goodbye Ordinary.” Notice whenever we start writing a song, I simply mumble noises to get a feel for what the melody might sound like. Then, when we are happy with the general idea, I go back and complete the lyrics. A little out of the ordinary, but I say GOODBYE ORDINARY! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

What is amazing about the demos, is that the guys are playing it for one of the first times with no fixes, and they rock…in a very raw sort of way. Oh and the second recording is the finished product, the “after” if you will, in case you did not figure it out.