Ok I am going to rant on myself this time. Why do I have to get so stressed out when I fly with my kids? Am I the only one? From the time I leave the house until the plane touches down wherever we are going, I am a basket case. I am so afraid of being “that family.” You know the ones. The kids are kicking the back of the seat in front of them, screaming, crying, throwing a fit etc. Oh my goodness the walls are closing in just thinking about it. And what’s the deal with kids automatically pooping their pants the second we take off? Is it the altitude? Man, nothing better than taking all of the plane’s air hostage with a nappy ol’ diaper.

Right now we are on a plane headed to Disney world. MercyMe is performing tomorrow night, and we are gonna stay for a few days afterwards. I have already told my kids if they act up on the plane they will never see Mickey Mouse again. Too harsh? Drastic times call for drastic measures. I seriously do not want to be this way, but maybe it is just part of being a guy….maybe? Are there any other dads out there that get stressed out about this or am I alone? I would love some ideas on how not to be this way. Since taking up smoking is not an option, I must find ways to deal with my stress.

Shannon is amazing during these situations. Super calm and in control while I just stare into space and start drooling trying to go to my happy place. Thank God for her or we’d never leave the house. Oh great gotta go. Charlie just realized the table in front of him makes a great drum set. Lord help us all.