“What A Day That Will Be”

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  • Cheston Pickard

    Good Job,

    I can tell just by watching that you really do love the hymns. I believe also that they are a vital part of who I am today as a musician. I sing them every sunday and they dont ever get old, especially when you and your crew have manged to revive them. Such wonderful messages. Thank You for the songs and I am looking forward to more.

  • Kaleb Trail


  • Dee

    Love it! I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, so the hymns are very familiar to me also. For a long time I couldn’t stand them, but now, with a real relationship to Christ, I realize how truly wonderful and meaningful to me they are!

  • Lisa

    I love that song! My favorite part (besides the awesome vocals) is the horns. Love ’em!

  • kelli

    Can’t wait til my copy arrives …. hurry, hurry, hurry. For Pet’s sake 🙂

  • The Honey Family

    Definitely a different setting than MercyMe…….sooo different that our 3 year old, Olivia, asked “Did they put Bart in jail because he wasn’t singing very good?”. LOL!

    Oh, now she’s remembering when we were at Bart’s “house”, playing guitar hero and taking pictures. Oh, yes, it was actually Winter Jam in Lansing, MI.

    Regardless, sounds good, as usual Bart!

  • Stacey

    Sounds wonderful, one of my favorite songs to sing in church.

  • Valerie

    I just love how your group can take an old, traditional hymn and make it something that young folks enjoy listening to and worshiping with.

    You have had a lot to do with my moving from traditional Christian hymns into the newer version of ‘spiritual’ music – and it has truly touched me much more then the oldtime, ‘thee and thou’ music.

  • candice

    You sounded wonderful! Was that Barry in the background playing the guitar? If not he has a twin somewhere. 🙂 You put a new fresh sound on those hymns. Awesome job!

  • bryan

    Love it! Gotta get the cd.
    Where was that recorded?

  • Cassandra, a S.L.O.B.

    Great song… thanks for sharing. BTW, isn’t that Barry w/ you? He is your bassist on your solo album?

    My FiL has seen, “The Kitchen Sink,” but I have yet to catch it. = Sorry I missed this one, for sure!

  • Kenny Frazee

    Can we buy the videos of this and any others you had done for this Bart.

  • winnie

    what a great song, I mean hymn!!!!! More please!!!!

  • Bill Swingle

    Dear Bart,

    Hymned Again is Excellent! “What a Day” demonstrates that. I wish I had more adjectives.

    I used to think Vince Gill had the best voice in the industry. But brother you are BETTER. Wowie, dude I’m stunned!

    I bought the album and at 9 bucks it’s a steal. Forget the 2$ rebate you offered. this album is too good for a rebate.

    Simply marvellous.

    Bill Swingle
    Janesville, CA

  • Bruce Mobley

    I love your music. There is a great messege in every song. God bless your you and your group.

  • Larissa - Maine

    Love your music and lyrics! I am hearing impaired and you sang so clear that I can listen to and follow easily. They are revival for the Lord, keep it up and pour out some more! Thanks for sharing…God bless you and the band.

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