Cover Tunes Grab Bag – “I Will Survive”

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  • Crystal Renaud

    so, is this the Salsa version? hilarious.

  • The Krahns

    What are you guys on? That was far-fetched, but very entertaining!

  • Heidi

    Oh my stinkin’ word!! Salsa version with what I could swear sounded a little like Count Dracula thrown in there in the middle. Thanks – I was missing my CTGB fix!

  • Toby

    I can hardly type…I needed that today!! Missed you guys!!
    Oh, nice whistle 🙂

  • kristina

    Ok, so I’m going to have some hearing loss for a few days, but it was worth it! Ha! Love the touch the whistle gave and the bounce was perfect! 😉 Thanks for the laughs guys!! Hugs!

  • Sandi

    that was scary funny! I so missed the CTGB’s. I’m glad they’re back to brighten up my day! Missed your presence in this one Mike…see ya in the next one?

  • LorelaiCC aka C.C. Almon

    I totally need to bookmark this one to listen to at the what I’m sure will be numerous times this semester when I think I won’t survive and yall will be here to remind me that I will survive. 😉

  • Heidi Reed

    If I didn’t know you had talent I would swear you don’t have talent. Sesame Street on Elm Street version of Count Dracula mixed with Salsa and a little of the guy whose voice you hear on Thriller and some sort of lifeguard whistle. Yikes!

    Funny too. However, you scared my kids. That made me laugh — watching them run out of the room with those looks on their little faces.

  • Wendy

    You know the CTGB is like my drug of choice…I’ve missed it!

    I never know what to expect from you guys and I’m never disappointed. This is amazing…I will be sharing this at work!

  • Jack M

    So mindboggling and amazing all at once.


    I love it, but my husband just doesn’t get it. He hears the loud cackling and comes over to see what I’m looking at and just walks away shaking his head….it’s okay though, he loves that I love you guys.

  • Alissa

    Hahaha…oh my goodness. I love you guys! I couldn’t stop laughing. I am still laughing! Ahh, you guys…this made my day so much better. 🙂 Haha. The bounce, was great. Thank you for the laugh.

    God Bless You Guys.

  • Kristin Zuvich


  • Jen B

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! I can barely type through my tears. I needed that. That was fantabulous!!

  • angie

    LOVED it! You could do a great Cowardly Lion impression! 🙂
    If I were King of Juuuuuuuuuungle. . .
    Thanks Guys 🙂

  • Robbie Paisley

    The past few days at work have been horrible so this CTGB is just what I needed to hear today. I will survive!

    Your voice in this song reminded me of Adam Sandler and all the songs he used to do on SNL.

  • Anne

    Too funny! Sounds like the cowardly lion version.
    P.S. LOVE the Star Wars shirt

  • Lisa V

    that was ahh……….different. Great different but different. You guys are the best!!!!!
    Bart…good luck on your trip today with Sam

  • Sara

    Hmmm…..that was uhhh….not my first choice. Hah. But it was AWESOME to hear another CTGB. I was starting to think you were going to get rid of them! That would be HORRIBLE!
    COngrats again on the baby Mike.

  • Lisa

    Oh yes, thanks to CTGB I will survive! My daughter thinks you sound like the “I like to move it” king character in Madagascar. That’d be a fun CTGB. I think you sounded a little like Count Dracula.
    I hope Charlie is recovered (poor little guy), and Sam has fun in Indy. I haven’t been there in years. Your wife is so pretty with her cute baby bump. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a pic of her. Enjoy your trip:-)

  • candice

    Wow…That was….interesting. Bart are you going to Sesame Street anytime soon? 🙂

  • Stacey

    Wow great CTGB! Loved it ! Thanks guys for the laughs. The whistle was a great touch along with the bouncing.

  • TLC

    Great to see ya’ll back! How are the t-shirts coming along?
    Will we ever get to “Ask Mercy Me” for Jim and Bart?
    Enquiring minds want to know. God bless.

  • Neri

    this is a new level of funny

  • Jessica

    Wow. Went from like a whole Matador kinda feel to Arnold Schwartzenegger and wound up like Cowardly Lion. Nothing (or is it Nathan…) at all like Ms. Gaynor’s rendition, but a style all its own!
    Great to have the Grab Bag back.

  • Z

    I agree: these CTGB’s are a real lift during my day.

  • Alec

    *Insert stunned silence here.*

    *Insert sudden fit of near-death-inducing laughter here.*

    …Oh. Wow. That is just… Wow. Completely unexpected. And also, completely HILARIOUS! Bart, that little monologue in the middle had me in absolute STITCHES! Stitches. Man, and just when I thought they couldn’t get any better…

  • PWOC

    I must say Bart that your survive there in the middle sounded a great deal like the lion from “The Wizard of Oz”. Excellent!!!

  • Buggy G

    The many voices of Bart Millard… So theatrical, so hysterical!!! If only Mike could have been in it, but it beats NOTHIN’!

  • Trish

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ok, for once in my life I’m speechless, WOW!

    If I come to Greenville, could I hang out with you guys for a couple of days? I have never encountered anyone quite as silly as y’all, and that’s a good thing.

    God Bless MercyMe, Good Luck Sam! Congrats Mike!

  • Tamara

    Too funny. Confused though, training to be some sort of referee or trying out for wizard of oz? My hubby and I can hardly wait for next one.

  • Holly

    I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. Oh my goodness, this was fantastic. Also, this marks the first time I’ve had to send the link to my husband. Oh my goodness, he is going to cry at work.

    Wonderful sense of humor. I have no idea how you got through that song with straight faces.

    God Bless you.

  • Jen B

    As I watch this again I think of your poor wives. They must just roll their eyes and crawl under a rock when when you guys get together. But I’m sure it’s never a dull moment. Have a fun day!

  • myrna

    so touching.
    it brought tears to my eyes.

  • Tiffany R

    You guys are so hilarious! I just couldn’t keep Cover Tune Grab Bag to myself … so I sent the link to your YouTube page to the whole worship band and team.

    I can’t be dying of laughter alone! Keep it up guys … its hilarious and a great stress reliever, even though I don’t have that much.

  • James Hewitt

    That sounded like a Russian singing karaoke.

  • Jeff 53

    that’s how he sings? I think you were singing to loud for the microphone….

  • Toby

    Gotta love those who choose to critique Bart’s voice and volume on a COMEDY skit. 🙂

  • Rebecca T :P

    Wow… I think i lost a few years off my life just now…

    I’m SOOOO glad CTGB is back- i was really starting to go into withdrawal.

    I agree with Heidi Reed- If i didn’t know you guys could sing i would think you were PRETTY BAD…. lol >:-)

  • Rebecca T :P

    Wow… I think i lost a few years off my life just now…

    I’m SOOOO glad CTGB is back- i was really starting to go into withdrawal.

    I agree with Heidi Reed- If i didn’t know you guys could sing i would think you were PRETTY BAD…. lol >:-)

  • Rebecca T :P

    Wow… I think i lost a few years off my life just now…

    I’m SOOOO glad CTGB is back- i was really starting to go into withdrawal.

    I agree with Heidi Reed- If i didn’t know you guys could sing i would think you were PRETTY BAD…. lol >:-)

  • Rebecca T :P

    Wow… I think i lost a few years off my life just now…

    I’m SOOOO glad CTGB is back- i was really starting to go into withdrawal.

    I agree with Heidi Reed- If i didn’t know you guys could sing i would think you were PRETTY BAD…. lol >:-)

  • Connor Roy

    Hey, MercyMe, I’m Connor. I was at the concert at Carowinds. You guys absolutely rocked! I was wondering if you guys could do a cover version of the song “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down or “When The Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Cheasney. Another song might be “Toast” by Haywood Banks. He’s a comedian. But if you guys did like a music video for that, that would be hilarious! I live in Flat Rock, MI. Go TIGERS!!

  • Sara

    It was cool. I still think you should do “Respect” by Aretha Franklin…that would be hilarious.

  • Z

    Bart, you are a real weirdo.

  • Brenda E

    Appauling…yet fascinating, in a head tilted, squished up face kinda way.
    Luciano meets dracula!

    Those carbon monoxide detectors might be a good investment guys! : )

    You keep us laughing, thank you. And THANKS for releasing CTGB again!!!

    I’ll see you guys tomorrow in Conyers, GA. Our Youth group is meeting at 6:30 a.m. and I’m so excited to FINALLY see your concert after 5 long years of waiting and also one cancelled due to the Atlanta tornado.
    Can you give a shout out to St. Paul Youth Group tomorrow?

    God used these them last year in a mighty way. These kids made 500 lunches (goal was 250) to hand out to the homeless in Atlanta before the concert. Every bag was colored and had a message of hope on it. Due to the tornado, every event was cancelled any they were tellling people not to head downtown. We were concened about getting the lunches down there but God had a plan…
    When our youth directors took them downtown, the folks at the mission were praising God because they didn’t know how they were going to feed all those people who were displaced from the tornado. Word hadn’t gotten to them that we were still coming.
    In came the Lord’s food, enough to feed 500. Along with the message of hope on the bags. We were humbled to be a part of a need we had no idea would be there. Thanks to God for preparing this meal BEFORE the need was even there. To HIM be ALL the glory!
    See you all tomorrow, I gotta go make a SLOB sign or something!

  • Brenda

    WOW!!! the group has now dwindled down to only 3 …no i know Mike just had a baby… that was very funny, Bart , —loved the whistle. WOW!!!!!!!!!! i think i was speechless and LOLOLOL at the same time….. loved the bouncing !! that was nice . Too funny !!! thanx for the laughter…. you guys are the bomb

  • Family Jules

    Very Artsy Fartsy.
    Bounce with me.

  • Debbie

    love “bounce with me” : )

  • Cassandra, a S.L.O.B.

    Sweeney Todd! …so dramatic!! LoL Too Funny!!

  • Bob

    I am crying…thank you!



  • Chelsea

    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! *Huggles For all!!!* Love yall! ~GOD BLESS!~

  • jenn

    oh my goodness my SIDES!!!!!!!!
    great job guys.

  • jeff53

    how many different voices do have?

  • Brenda E

    Bart, are you disguising yourself as Bob?

  • joanne

    as another viewer said “Luciano meets dracula!”

    you nailed it! i was thinking the same thing about this version. what a crackup!

    what i want to know is how do you all keep a straight face throughout the majority of the songs>? i would be laughing myself silly and unable to sing. 🙂 glad to see you are doing these ctgb again.

  • Papa Ron

    Back home “FINALLY” from our “Lifes beginning to End Tour” and computer is fixed. Going over stuff I missed. I have to say I think this is the best ever. You will have to go really far to rise abovr this one. I always remember the cartoon of the little spaceman who sang this and at the end was crushed by the Earth!

  • alma

    Hey! I love your CTGB. I am glad you cam out with another. As I was watching, I realized that Bart, you remind me of the cowardly lion in wizard of oz. you know, the one where he sings “If I were the kind of the forest!” But you guys are awesome, you have a wonderful gift of music and laughter, keep it up for Jesus! God bless you!

  • mike

    Pavarotti meets Dracula is not quite right… it’s closer to Vincent Price meets The Cowardly Lion meets Triumph the Comic Insult Dog.

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