So I am on a plane heading to Chicago in the middle of a week long promo run for “Hymned Again.” Most would say, including my record label, that this is not a good time to start raving about another’s album. I have my own album to promote right? Wrong. Did I mention I am sitting on a plane in tears because I have not worshipped like this in a very long time? The guy next to me probably thinks I am a severe basket case. Oh well.

The greatest news about this amazing record is that it is absolutely free! You read right…free!

To explain in more detail let me give you a brief history lesson. A few years ago I co-owned a record label called Simple records. We only signed two artists in our brief existence, but what great artists they were and still are! First a band called The Afters and then a worship leader named Phil Wickham. You may say I am tooting my own horn a little, and maybe I am, but what we found in these acts is something most labels will seek their entire careers and not find. Hearts consumed with Christ and, not only a desire to change music forever, but the ability to do so.

Are they selling a billion records? No. But what they are doing is showing us how to advance the Kingdom of God while remaining musically relevant. Case and point…Phil has just released one of the most stunning live worship experiences I have ever heard and his single motive is to edify the body of Christ. How do I know this? Because he is not making a dime! That’s right. This life changing album is completely free. I promise you it could have made him quite a bit of money, but he demanded that it be completely free. Understand people I am in the “music business” and to say you want to truly advance the Kingdom of God is one thing, but to actually do something about it is something completely different…MercyMe included! This project has stirred something in my heart that I have not felt in many many years, and it has changed the way I view ministry. Not just because of how amazing the album sounds and the anointing it obviously has, but also because Phil took a chance for the Kingdom and I pray the body of Christ will not be the same because of it. UNDERSTAND FOLKS, THIS RECORD IS COMPLETELY FREE! There is no reason why it should not be downloaded 10 million times at least! These are the artists we were meant to root for! Brothers and sisters please go to www.philwickham.com right now and get this album, and then tell everyone you know to do the same! It is free for crying out loud! Remember if this works, more artists will follow suit. So please support Phil Wickham and be extremely blessed when you push play. When I grow up I want to be Phil Wickham…I am not kidding.