Hey everyone. ?Today’s the day. ?The release of “Hymned Again” and it’s already number 6 on iTunes. ?You guys are awesome! ?Thank you for supporting this. ?Here are a few of the reviews that I was just sent from some other folks out there. ?

**** (4 out of 5 stars)
?…?excellent and one of the better hymn albums you?ll find. Millard sounds great as usual, Bannister?s production is typically flawless, and the recording is teeming with great musicianship…….I just hope it?s not the last, because there are too many beloved church standards and too many creative ways to perform them for Millard to wrap up a series with so much potential, or for that matter, to repeat himself musically from one?Hymned?to another.? ?
Christianity Today.com
**** (4 stars)
?Shuffling through 10 historic gems and one original tune,?Hymned Again?is a dazzling departure from MercyMe?s more pensive pop/rock fare. Flinging the door wide open for interpretation,?Hymned?Again?brilliantly stylizes its classic catalog with western swing, brassy big band, finger pickin? Dixieland, simple acoustic and waltzy blues and jazz??Hymned Again?is an unusual and oh so wonderful blend of melody, music and history that is unfortunately rare in today?s capitalistic musical commerce.? ?
“…a diversified smorgasboard offering the listener New Orleans influenced horn-driven jazz to Texas blue-rock guitar to bluegrass to… country. ” –

“With?Hymned Again, you realize that MercyMe frontman Bart Millard isn?t the least bit trendy, but he is determined to minister. It makes all the difference in the Spirit you feel through the songs… Millard makes most of these hymns memorable enough to ring in your heart as they sing through your head days later.” – Everyday Woman

?The musical styles on this collection may not appeal to everyone, but those who have a fondness for church classics or folk, country or blues music will surely enjoy this album. Warning: Spontaneous swaying, toe-tapping or head-bobbing likely to occur while being?Hymned Again.? – Charisma

?A real treat for those of us longing for honest, organic music.? – Journal of Student Ministries

?There is a lot that is notable about Millard?s hymnal projects. First the song selection, Millard likes to pick old classics that are near and dear to his heart… The hymns are rearranged but they still hold a nostalgic significance of a traditional church service. The new arrangements take on a zesty New Orleans sound and Millard?s voice is in perfect form.? – Alpha Omega News.org

While?MercyMe?is one of the best at bringing massive worship anthems to the church, Bart Millard?s,??Hymned Again??is a collection of 12 old school hymns set to a musical background that at times makes me feel like I?m walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans about 60 years ago. I personally loved the track, ?Jesus Cares For Me?. The guitars are so beautiful I wanted to cry. – Phil Wickham

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