We Need Your Help!

Alright SLOB’s here’s the deal.  We need your help.  See that right there?  That is a terrible SLOB logo.  After all this is the “Spectacular League Of Bloggers” right?  We need something epic.  Something that says, “we are a force to be reckoned with”.  “We are SLOBS”.

Now we know that there are plenty of talented people out there in SLOB-land so we are coming to you.  Help us design the SLOB logo.  You have been asking for shirts, but without a logo we can’t have shirts.  

So this is your challenge.  Design a “Spectacular League Of Bloggers” logo and send it to imaslob@mercyme.org.  We will take a look at all of the submissions and depending on how many we get we will choose, and put a handful of them on the blog for you all to vote on.  Make sense?  

Send your “SLOB” designs to imaslob@mercyme.org and be the one to design our official SLOB logo.


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