So I’m married to a very kind, patient, and tenderhearted woman.? Abby doesn’t have the heart to watch any of God’s poor little creatures suffer, (also known as a hippie.)? Well, just the other morning, while we were flying home from Phoenix, she calls me to let me know that a baby bird had been pushed out of the nest.? So instead of leaving this poor little bird at the mercy of Suki, our cat, Abby decided we needed to become Barn Swallow rescue center.? So now I get to feed a baby bird ground up dog food about 6 times a day….booooo.

So now I’d like to introduce you all to Housey.? That’s the name Ben gave the bird when Abby asked what we should name it, whilst he peered out the car window and looked at a neighborhood….heeeeeeere’s Housey!!!