Hello SLOBland!

Well it’s getting closer and closer to the release of my solo record “Hymned Again.” So I thought I would answer a few questions I have been asked throughout the making of this record.

1. Why a solo record? Why is it not a MercyMe record?

When you hear it, hopefully it will be clear why it is not MercyMe. I grew up listening to everything from Louis Prima to Willie Nelson, and it certainly shows on this project. Plus MercyMe demands too much in the studio like fruit only cut up in 2 inch triangles, Enya music always playing between takes and, whenever you address them, it has to start with “Your awesomness…” typical band stuff.

2. Why “Hymned Again?”

Because “Hymned-da-dee-doo-da” sounded funny.

3. What is your favorite moment on the record?

I would have to say the duet with Vince Gill on “Jesus Cares For Me.” Apparently he is trying to make it in the music biz, and was looking for a big break. I’ve got your back Vinnie. Keep your chin up! You sir are going places!

4. Is it true that my life will instantly have joy and meaning as soon as I purchase “Hymned Again?”

Well I can’t say 100% yes, but 4 out of 5 doctors have agreed that “Hymned Again” combined with flossing does make a substantial difference in one’s purpose for living.

5. Are the guys in the band cool with you using MercyMe’s blog to push your solo album?

Nope. In fact, I have been on the run for the past month tapping into the blog any chance I can get, for just a few seconds at a time, so that I cannot be traced. My goal is a “Hymned Again” blog takeover the week of the release…and then…take over THE WORLD!!!!!

6. What can we do to help in your world domination?

Assuming that asking everyone to wear a shirt that says “Bart is the King of Awesometown”, and from now on, greet each other by humming the first few bars of “I Can Only Imagine” is too much, I guess just buy “Hymned Again” the day it releases which is August 19th. Also contact your local Christian radio station and request the first single off “Hymned Again” titled “I Stand Amazed.”


So there you have it. Inquiring minds want to know! Please be sure to check out the brand new BartMillard.org to pre-order an autographed copy of “Hymned Again” today.

Thank you for your time and keep “Hymned” alive!