Ok so I am flying out of Valdosta, GA on a really early flight, so here is my rant.

It drives me crazy when I sit anywhere near that person in the movies who fidgets with their candy wrapper the whole time trying to reach that last piece of candy. I completely lose focus of the movie and I swear that candy wrapper is the loudest thing on the planet. I just want to get up and help the sad soul out, so they can put the wrapper down before someone gets hurt. And there is not even a sense of urgency to get the candy out. Oh no, they are somehow able to enjoy the movie while they slowly dig into the deafening plastic M&M bag. Oh man I am coming out of my skin just thinking about it. So here’s to you “?ber annoying cinematic candy wrapper torturer” guy! You have once again succeeded in me not having a clue what movie I came to see!


PS. FYI one of the band members falls under this category. I don’t wanna name names, but it rhymes with spike hoytzer.