Well we have decided that everything on this blog is pretty corny, which is awesome by the way, except for the name. A blog by MercyMe? Boooooo! We need something that pops! Something that says,”Seriously? That’s the name of your blog?” Something that says “You people need to walk away from the computer and get some sun on those indoor all day pasty white legs.” So after much deliberation we have come up with the name. Are you sitting down? Ladies and gentlemen we would to introduce you to MercyMe’s “Spectacular League Of Bloggers” aka S.L.O.B.

Now that is corny and awesome! ?

Press “Play” before reading further.

So, my fellow Americans, we are no longer known as mere bloggers…oh no…we are now and forever known as “Slobbers!” Members of a secret society that will soon take over the entire world! Well actually it’s not really secret, and I’m not sure what it takes to make it an actual “society” and wow the world is a pretty big place, so maybe we’ll just go to somebody’s house and take over their pool or something. Maybe hog the remote to their tv. That could be pretty intimidating I guess. Whatever the case SLOBS? RULE!!!!

Are you a SLOB? I know I am.