William N’ Sam

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  • Your Sister

    Well…I know where William gets his dancing talent…From his Aunt Lindsey LOLOLOLOL poor kid!!

  • Jessica

    Oh… my…
    MercyMe – the next generation.
    Good thing they’re getting some good practice in at a young age! :0

    Cute though. I bet all your kids have a blast together. That’s so cool.


  • Lisa

    A carnival and dance party! Good times!

  • Jamison

    Those poor poor kids will be haunted by all of these videos when they get older.

  • kristina

    Cute and great moves, too! 😉

  • Heidi Reed

    That was terrific! I want some of their energy.

  • Trudy!

    Awesome….makes me wanta dance…everybody dance now!!!!

    Cool moves guys!

    Ms. Trudy!

  • Char

    What I’d like to know is who taught them their moves?? 😉

  • Rebecca T

    That was sooooooooooooo cute (though not as cute as Charlie obviously…because it is physically impossible to be as cute as Charlie)
    But i still absolutely LOVED it! [second] CUTEST THING EVER!!!

  • Brenda

    that was CUTE!!!! makes youwanna get up an dance too!!!!!

  • Wendy

    Ok, so how much cotton candy did those children have? Did you at least let them dance it off before you brought them back home? (Thinking of the moms here…hehe)

    See you all at SpiritFest on Sunday!

    Wendy (from Vertical Radio in Farmington, NM)

  • Leslie C

    Oh, that was funny! They are adorable kids! Wonderful kids, Nate, Bart! Hope you are having fun going around the US and world! Amor you! Amor, Leslie.

  • Beth

    That was very cute. We love your music and your videos too!

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