Mariner’s Church in Irvine, CA

Lisa Cooper and Cindy Fern with the band at Mariner’s Church in Irvine, CA.

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  • Lisa V

    My girls, RaeAnn(11) and Sarah(8) were at this concert and participated in the meet in greet after also. It was a great experience. The band is awesome and so is there music. God is truly working in there lives and through their music.
    God Bless!!!

  • Vicki Phillips

    Sorry…guess I’m new at this blog stuff. Hopefully you’ll receive this email. I am a long time fan and have been drawn even closer through an extremely difficult time in my life. My husband and two teenage children got to wait through an 8 hour brain surgery Tuesday morning to finally hear the doctor say “mama made it”! So many of your Christ-breathed songs are always on my heart. However, I have to say that “Holdfast” was actually being sung out of my mouth as I was being put under for the surgery. I came through successfully, and now they believe the seizures I have always had will be gone. The neurosurgeon found the mass and cut it out. TMI, huh? Anyway…here’s the whole point of this message:
    All of you need to know the Lord is working through you in numerous situations even when you have no idea what they are. Thank you for using your gifts and talents the Lord has given to you for His purpose. I would love any info. when you’re going to be near me in so cal.
    My family and I thank you for so many comforting words in your songs during this week. “Holdfast”, “Spoken For”, and “Word of God Speak” to be specific.
    God bless you eternally,
    Matt, Vicki, Christopher and Alex Phillips

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