So when my sister asked if we would mind watching her kids for a few days while her and Nathan left on a trip, we said “No Problem”. I mean, they are older than Levi and can pretty much take care of themselves. It should be easy right? Well I now have a new respect for parents of more than one child. The kids are great and well behaved, I’m just not used to the energy of 3 kids at the same time. Levi (my son) is full tilt on his own when he is awake, but adding two more just like him to the mix is quite more than I’m used to. We’ve had a great time don’t get me wrong, I’m just a bit more on the tired side then I thought I would be. I have two more days left so wish me luck.

So to all of you parents out there with 2 or more kids….. I salute you. (band guys and my sister included)