Father Of Three

So when my sister asked if we would mind watching her kids for a few days while her and Nathan left on a trip, we said “No Problem”. I mean, they are older than Levi and can pretty much take care of themselves. It should be easy right? Well I now have a new respect for parents of more than one child. The kids are great and well behaved, I’m just not used to the energy of 3 kids at the same time. Levi (my son) is full tilt on his own when he is awake, but adding two more just like him to the mix is quite more than I’m used to. We’ve had a great time don’t get me wrong, I’m just a bit more on the tired side then I thought I would be. I have two more days left so wish me luck.

So to all of you parents out there with 2 or more kids….. I salute you. (band guys and my sister included)


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  • Lisa K

    Hi Robby,

    As a Mom of 5 kids (3 boys, 2 girls), I just have to giggle to hear how tired you are after watching your 2 extra boys. I remember just having 1 kid and thinking how hard it was taking care of him. Boy, I had it sooo easy then!!

    If only I could bottle all that energy and sell it, I’d be a Gazillionaire!!

    Enjoy the chaos! He he he….


  • tam

    that is birth control at its finest.

    wait. i have kids.

    didn’t work!

  • Christy

    I have 2 boys that were born the same day, one year apart. I know what you mean. I will be getting my cousins kids for a week too. They are all 11 or older now and it’s a lot easier.

  • stacey

    Try having a 12year old with a disability going to be 13 this fall. Then a 7 year old going to be 8 next month. Both boys and they are a handful in them selfs. But don’t get me wrong i wouldn’t have it any other way both are great kids. Just need more energy raising them.

  • Linda

    I was fine with one…God told me I was to be a mother to 2. The first was a girl; sweet, quiet, adoring. Number 2 was a boy…non-stop talk and energy since the day he was gifted to us (and yes, he truly IS a gift, since we both almost died at his birth)…but he goes from sunup (LITERALLY – I have just made blackout curtains for his to keep light OUT) to bedtime…moving, talking, going.

    I can see why you’re tired…because I’m there.

  • Heidi Reed

    And you will remember this time with the three of them for many, many moons. You’ll be talking about it when you’re 75.

    Fun times!!

  • Barb

    Funny, you sound just like Brody. He would tell his sister (mother of 3) “Control your children”…could not understand the loudness of it all. Now, with three boys of his own. He never says much to his sister when they are together.
    Brody’s Mom

  • Trudy!

    The good news is that in a few days you get to send them home with mom and dad. Yea!!! God Bless, Trudy!

  • kristina

    Nice of you to watch them, Robby! I only have one child and that is too much work sometimes! 😉 I definitely admire parents with more than one child! Being a parent is hard work! Love the new blog! So excited about it! The new CD is great! Love your music and ALL of your CDs! God bless!:-D

  • Joan

    I was drawn to the picture of the oh-so-cute kids, and as I read, was reminded of an ad for a new show I saw last night – young teenage couples expressing the desire to be parents are given the chance to care for REAL kids for a few weeks. As the camera pans out over the exhausted faces (all ages), the announcer says, it’s not TV, it’s birth control!….. Speaks volumes there, huh? I have two myself, they truly are gifts from GOD – You guys keep up the good work!

  • Jessica

    I’m with ya, Robby.
    I love my niece and nephew most dearly, but wouldn’t know what to do with the two of them full-time!! Talk about a high energy level!!
    (Although they do tell me “it’s different when they’re your own”… I’ll just have to take their word for that right now.) 🙂
    Hope y’all had a blast together! I just know Levi has!


  • The Honey Family

    OK, it is true, we are your BIGGEST FANS…at least when it comes to family size. I , Traci, Naomi (12), Tabi(11), Ruthi(9), Graci(7), Marti(5),Livi(3) and Eli(5mos) want to encourage you to equip yourself with an arsenal of things for the kids to do…so here it goes…

    Eli- try to get them to all suck their thumbs at the same time. Put some honey on their thumbs if they are over 1 year old.

    Livi- drive crazy while playing the steering wheel like a drum…and burp!

    Marti- ehmmm, uhhh, i don’t know. If there are any games in the van, like road trip bingo, pass them back!

    Graci- play the quiet game…goes something like this…whoever talks…loses!! [parent tip: do not allow “times outs”]

    Ruthi- Get a little dvd player and let them watch a movie like Ice Age, Cars, or Andy Griffith! [MM Mike will advise you to stay away from Thomas the Train!]

    Tabi- make up a story about a drummer named Sandy Nelson that got into a terrible accident while playing air drums on the steering wheel. He hit a porcupine, blew a tire and so on…

    Naomi- play the animal guessing game…goes like this…I’m thinking of an animal and it starts with the letter… Kids can ask questions like, does it have feathers, etc. Whoever guesses the animal correctly, gets to think of the next animal. [parent tip: if its your turn, choose cat, dog or pig, i.e. something very easy, then it will be the kids turn and you can enjoy driving a while]

    Traci- load them up with lots of fun snacks that will stick to the floor of the van like jello, honey sticks, ice cream on a very small stick [for a good time, turn the van heat on high and watch them sweat it out], honey candy, roasted marshmallows, honey comb, etc. [on a more serious side-bring a roll of tin foil and let them make sculptures with it]

    Larry- make sure your mp3 is charged up so you have good music while the dvd’s are playing. Let them launch rocket balloons in the van! My personal favorite, crank some MM or Foo Fighters, play every air instrument you know how and sing at the top of your lungs! They will worship you!

    Hang in there Robby!

    Larry – Father of Seven!

  • Leslie Eastham

    I am a daycare provider in Rantoul Il. 10 kids…..I repeat…10 kids!!!! Only 1 is mine. I don’t know how teachers do it!!How can they take God out of our schools? Lord knows the teachers need His strength AMEN!!!I love my job and I love all my kids. I love the fact that I can spread the word of God to these children. Sometimes…. I don’t know how they put up with me:(
    Your song “I Can Only Imagine” lead me to the lord. I have been saved and baptized 2 years now and my life has changed soooo much. We managed to see you in concert in Champaign Il. It will be an evening I will NEVER forget!!!
    Thanks for all you do!
    Come back soon!
    May God Bless you all!

  • annie

    Exactly why we spaced ours apart. Didn’t even THINK of having a second until the first was in Kindergarten. As God would have it, we’d wait until she was in THIRD GRADE to get her little brother! So much fun.

  • Brenda

    Wow!!! Larry —father of seven….holy cow!!!! i just have two girls 9 1/2 and 6 and their pretty good. I could probably do three but no thanks — But to watch 3 kids under the age of 6…. You must have energy to keep up with them….and patience, and energy and some more patience or did i mention that already?? Good Luck with that Robby you’ll have fun ….then you can rest. i’ve heard en expression before and its true i think …the best birth control is watching other poeples children !!!

  • TLC

    We should give a big thumbs up to our teachers.
    Better yet, more money! God bless all teachers.
    P.S. MM’s sitemeter HAS EXPLODED. WOW!

  • Rebecca T

    What i have learned since my family added a foster kid to our family who is the same age as my youngest sister (8 yrs old) is that little kids that age ‘feed off of’ eachother. One kid is realatively calm, add one more and the crazyness level does more that just double like you thought it would. :0 but i love my sister and our new foster-kid-for-the-summer, so it’s definately worth the crazyness 🙂

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