Looking back at the blog, I realized that I have made way more videos than I have actually typed anything. So today I am going to be ?ber-profound. I did an interview recently and they asked me what, in life, really bugged me. At the time, I could not think of anything. Well, after many night’s thinking about what I should have said, here is my top 5 things that bug me to death!

5. Nailbiters- First off let me say that I used to be one. But now, thanks to my wife breaking me of the habit, it drives me nuts! That constant clicking sound! Click click click…I am stressing myself out just thinking about it. And let’s not forget what collects under those fingernails… Ok I just threw up in my mouth a little.

4. Loud whisperer in movies- It was hard putting these in order because, on any given day, this could be #1. Seriously how one can accomplish whispering louder than their regular talking voice is beyond me. Talking on your cell phone in the movies is just as bad. This one goes out to our manger…yeah I am talking about you Brickell.

3. Talking through the bubble- I don’t really know what else to call it, but it’s when a person gets that “bubble” thing caught in their throat and when they try to continue talking they sound like kermit the frog. Am I the only one here? Am I crazy? If you have experienced this, please just take a second and swallow so that we don’t expect you to bust out with “the rainbow connection.”

2. Out of control cough- Now I understand that this one is pretty much out of your control, but man! You know when something goes down the wrong way, and off we go!!! It’s not much the initial wave of out of control coughing that bugs me. It’s the random trailing coughs that get me. I sat next to lady on a plane that got choked up on the runway, and 2 whole hours later she was still hacking away every few minutes. Almost pushed me to nailbiting. Our drummer, Robby, has had a slight cough for about 12 years now. He denies it, but I know it’s been at least that long. Everytime he says anything that starts with an “H” he goes into a coughing fit! It kind of goes like this, “Bart do you mind hhhhelping…cough…cough…hack…help…cough…helping me…choke..cough…oh forget it.”

1. The third sneeze- Everyone knows that sneezes come in 2’s. No matter where I am, if I hear a third sneeze I come unglued. The other day this lady sneezed about 20 times in row with some “tickle me elmo” sounding sneeze. I actually fainted.

Well there you have it. My top 5 things that annoy the dog out of me. Please feel free to share your pet peeves. Is it peeves or peaves? Maybe it’s peighves. Yes that is certainly it. Please share your pet peighves with us. Bye bye.