Well, if there were two things in my life that I really wanted when I grew up, got married and owned my first house, it was a nice new Grill and a new Riding Lawn Mower. Well, when I did get my first house, the yard was so small I wouldn’t have been able to even turn a riding lawn mower around in it. But I did go by my first big gas grill. $119 at HOME DEPOT. It wasn’t extravagant, but it was gas or charcoal. Well now after 5 years, I have a new house with a bigger yard and riding lawn mower, but my grill has pooped out.

My question to all of you is…. Do I scrap the grill and all the memories attached to it or do I try and fix it? I think I can buy a replacement burner for like $15, but then it might not fit and I might not be smart enough to figure out how to do it. If I decide to buy a new one I know what I want. Its the new Char-Broil Red. Wow, its like the corvette of Grills. It can use propane or convert to natural gas. And to top it all off its Red. Would match the way my wife decorates nicely.

So please weigh in with your thoughts, comments, ideas or otherwise snide remarks and let me know what your thinking. Thanks… and have nice Spring day.