Hey everybody…So I know Jim has let the cat out of the bag that he’s going to be Mr. Photographer guy in his spare time, and Robby’s joining the business side of the music industry by managing Addison Road, and of course there’s Bart and his love for the good ol’ southern baptist hymnal.

Well for me, I’ve started trying to help out some newer indie bands. When we got started 14 years ago, we were lucky enough to have Jim in the band. For those of you who don’t know, Jim had a recording background when we started MM, so we got free studio time…if you can call daycare centers and abandoned houses studios, (yes our 1st few records were on a VERY tight budget.) Well not every band gets to start out with a Jim in their corner, so I’ve started trying to help other bands who are where we were in the beginning. Helping them record their songs so hopefully they can make the whole world sing. That being said, here’s a band I recently produced a few songs for. They’re from our own Greenville, TX. and they’re called The Cost.

www.myspace.com/thecostmusic (remember to be careful on myspace…there are some weirdos out there.)