Well, it’s Friday. And Robby made it through all of his questions. Yep, every single one. So here they are. Thanks for all the participation.

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What is your favorite thing about playing in MercyMe? What is your favorite place to play when you go on tour?
Thanks Robby!

The best thing about playing in MM would have to be the crowds. No matter where
we go, the crowds seem to always be ready to worship. It makes all the difference in the world when if the audience is into it. As far as where, I would have to say the Gorge in Washington. Its simply beautiful.

Todd Branson
If you could be a pro for a day, what position would you want to play?
Handicap in Golf?
Your thoughts on Christian athletes that inspire you.

I would have to say Second Base for the St. Louis Cardinals. Im not sure how to calculate a handicap, but I usually shot low to mid 80?s. What would that be, about a 12 or so? I am friends with several Christian athletes, like Todd Jones, Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright, Bobby Lebonte, etc. I think what they do for the kingdom by their words and actions speak so much to fans of the sport they are in.

Hey Robby!
I was wondering if your drum sticks have a copy of your autograph on them? I know Ben from Audio A does and I have never got other artists drumsticks who have a copy of their autograph?
second question.. I know its early in the season but who do you think will go to the World Series? Did you see the Cardinals series against the Astros? two of the three games the benches and bull pins cleared.. anyways.
out of all the baseball games you have been to what is your more memorable!
thanks Robby,
God Bless,

My sticks do not currently have my name on them, but I am working on getting that done. Im just lazy. I think the Diamondbacks have a real shot this year. Of course, I always think the Cards have shot. Maybe Boston or Baltimore. My memorable game is the first game in the New Busch stadium in STL. My wife and I were given tickets.

When yall coming back to Oklahoma City? Yall are awesome! What?s your favorite thing to do while on the road with all the other guys from MM?besides play in concerts?

Not sure when we are back in OKC. There is nothing on the calendar as of yet. We all love to ride our scooters. That?s our main hobby when we are out.

I?m sure that you love all the songs that you guys play (As I?m sure we all do), but do you have a personal favorite because of the drums or do you just have one in general?

My favorite songs are Sanctified, There?s a Reason, and Holdfast. Probably Holdfast as far as the drums go.

How long does it take you to do your hair?
Have any tattoos?
Ok – seriously though – gimme your favorite moment in the history of Robby besides giving your life to Christ, your wedding day (are ye married?), or any births of wee ones(you have some?).

It takes about 5 minutes to do my hair. I use Bed Head?s Mohawk Gel. 2 tattoos. No piercings. My favorite moment outside of my wife and son was hanging with Albert Pujols at Wrigley Field.

Let?s talk mohawk. Why did you decide to get one? Was it a snap decision or did you deliberate over it for awhile? How long do you think you?ll keep it?
What?s the weirdest thing you?ve ever eaten?
This is a slightly awkward question but one I have always wondered about? in theatre, actors must wear make-up so that the stage lights don?t wash them out. Do YOU guys have to wear make-up? If that?s a little too personal, just? don?t answer.
Does Barry ever smile?
What are photo shoots and stuff like? Are you all goofing off or is it serious?

Gosh Emma, you like to ask questions.
The Mohawk was a joke at first, but my wife and the band liked it, so I kept it. So now if I get rid of it, I will need my wife’s approval.
I have eaten Duck Liver.
We only wear make up on TV, but they put it on us against our will.
Barry does smile, at least for small children and when he makes a birdie putt.
Photo shoots pretty much suck the life out of us, so we end up goofing off the whole time and end up wasting the photographers time.

1) Which bible version do you use? King James or??
2) Any country/countries you wish you & the MM guys could visit to make an impact in that part of the world with your worship music/songs?
3) Preferred holiday spot – Cities, Mountains or Beaches?

I use the NASB and the ESV. I would love to play in in Africa. Mountains and NYC.

What?s the most fun MercyMe song to play? The most intense? Your overall favorite? And what album did you enjoy working on the most?

Most fun to play would be Holdfast. The most intense is probably Where you Lead Me. Album overall and the making of, that would have to be ?Coming up to Breathe?

Hey, Robby!
Yeah, I was just wondering? since you were right in your recommendation on Addison Road, do you have any other favorite bands you enjoy listening to and would recommend?
Also, how did you hook up with the others guys in MM?
And, last but not least? any favorite old hymns and/or passages?

I would say to check out Starfield, Tenth Avenue North and Jeremy Riddle. They are some of my favorites right now.
I was introduced to MM by a good friend of mine, Trent Austin. He was the drummer on MM?s first 2 independent albums.
I like an old poem/hymn that was put to music by Michael Bleeker, called Glorious Day. You can find it on Jeff Johnson?s newest record on Itunes.

Hey Robbie, first loved your dancing in ?shake it dont brake it? way to funny !!
1. How long have you been with MM??
2. Favorite Bible verse?
3. When /how old were you when you started living life as a Christian ?
4.0k last one?besides Baseball ?what other sport do you enjoy watching LIVE??

Brenda, you and Emma should be friends. I started filling in for the band in 1995, but officially joined the band in 1997.
Philippians 3:10.
I was raised in Christian home, so I was probably about 6 when I knew what a relationship with Jesus was.
I would say watching golf or the Mavericks basketball.

What?s life like on the MM tour bus?

Its crowded at times, messy at times, and very smelly at times. Other than that, its our home away from home. The funniest thing that happens is when Jim climbs in someone?s bunk and hides at the end. Then when that person gets in that bunk he jumps on them and scares them stupid. Bart should podcast this, its really a hoot.

Robin Vaughn
My question is what was going on your all?s lives when Keep Singing was created?

Keep Singing was written by Bart at the final stages of recording that album. He and others in the band had been going through really hard times emotionally due to losing some close friends and family. This is what Bart told his father in law that helped keep him going through these times. He just had to keep singing and praising God. Even in the middle of all the junk, it helped us stay focused on Christ.

Robbie Paisley
Do you have any pets?
How long did you wear the *poop dragon* tattoo that Bart drew on your arm?
Who are some of your favorite bands? (Christian or other)
Is your real name Robby or is it short for Robert? (Just curious because my name is Robbie too and I get asked all the time if my real name is Roberta, which by the way its not.)
What is your favorite food?

Hi Robbie, you should meet Brenda and Emma, I think you could be buddies. I have a dog named Carter and a cat named Digit. I think the *poop dragon* was there for a good week. It was in Sharpie, so hard to clean off. I love Trees 63, Foo Fighters, David Crowder Band, Jet, Addison Road, Coldplay, U2, Delirious, ?. My real name is Robin Troy Shaffer, but my mom always called me Robby. My favorite food is Tex/Mex.

What brand of drums is your favorite?

I?m a huge DW fan. I also own a set of Yamaha recording customs.

Evan Andrews
I just love your set-up!!
I am also a drummer and am about to start playing at Siloam Springs church camp this summer here in Arkansas. I heard from somewhere that you guys played there also. Is that true? Anyways, I was just wondering if you have a favorite drummer? Mine used to be Don Henley of The Eagles. But you have officially taken his place. LOL
God Bless!! Love the hair!!

Evan, thanks for the compliments. We did play there many years ago. I would have to say that my favorite drummer is Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters. Then a close second is Carter Beauford.

Bruce Cavalowski
Are you the tallest member of the band? even without the mohawk?

Nope, I believe that Bart is 6-4 and I am 6 ft even

Theresa Gratsch
If you could be any animal what would you be?
What came first the chicken or the egg?

I would have to be a Bear.
I definitely say the Chicken came first.

Todd Branson
Any hopes of giving Bart lessons in Golf, or can he actually swing the club and is just asking for sympathy from his fans :-)? Because he threw your ball in, did you take a penalty stroke? I don?t know if the rules say anything about a person throwing your ball in the water. It never has happened to me, Robbie can you look that up and get back to us on that. Thanx for the favor, laugh!

I think that Bart is hopeless in the golfing field. It wasn?t a show, he really does stink. I don?t own a rulebook, but I?m sure if you were to touch another players ball, you would be given the 2 stroke penalty and the player would get a free drop.

The Honey Family
Have you guys considered using Godtube.com instead youtube?

You are asking the wrong person. I barely know how to check email, let alone know how all that works.

Hey ? great site!! I have you linked from mine and tell all my friends about it. It?s not only encouraging, funny and also shows that you all live ?real? lives too!!
I signed up on your blogroll back in March and I?m not listed yet. How can I get on the roll??

Brody???? (**Sorry Paula, you’re on there now – brody)

Hey, I was wondering if you guys could come to play @ my church? Our youth pastor just left, and our church is falling apart, I really think that our church needs the encouragement you guys can give. I truly think that would be a big blessing.
Thanks, Ashley

Im sorry about your church. But please know that God will get His glory in a bigger way through all this. Its hard for us to see that while its happening, but trust that He is in control.

Does MM travel more by bus or plane? And which do you prefer?

We travel both ways. Probably about the same amount for both in a years time, but we all definitely prefer the bus. We can stretch out and get lots of sleep.

1. Do you find the King ames version of the bible hard to read? I don?t, but some people do.
2. How long did it take to get your mohawk (however it?s spelled) so tall. Just wondering?

I don?t think its hard to read, but I do think there are better translations out there that help us understand what the text is saying. My hair grows pretty fast, so once I cut it originally it was almost instantly that tall. I usually trim it about every 4 weeks.

1. Why doesn?t the band let you sing?
2. Is it true that you once owned a pair of red and green converse all star ?gig shoes??
3. Will MU ever beat OU?

Funny you should ask Glenn ? I really have an amazing voice, but since we have 4 singers already and the cymbals would be too loud in a vocal mic, I save it for the studio.
I did have a set of green and red converse. I think there were three of us and my dad, that thought they were cool to wear at our shows. How did you know? Were you at one of those shows?
Im sure one day YES, MU will beat OU. But the way MU is going, it will be in Football before Basketball.

What are your favorite drums with which to record and why? (Gretsch, Ludwig, DW, Camco, Fibes, Slingerland, Tama)-seriously. I know you play DW live, but I know plenty of professional guys that tour with one and record with the other?.(actually worked in AR with one of those companies)
Thanks?.great track on ?I cannot say enough?

I use a set of Yamaha Recording Customs. They are birch shells and were made in like 1980 or 81. I love them. I used to tour with them, but wanted to keep them off the road and safe.

What?s the funniest story you can share that has happened on a MercyMe tour?
Be Blessed,

One of the funniest things that happened to us was back when we used to drive our bus ourselves. Most of the crazy things that have happen to us involve our buses. We were on our way to a show in Birmingham and just as we crossed into Alabama we broke a belt. Because of this, the bus started over heating. So when the bus overheats it shuts off automatically and we lose power steering. To make a long story short, we had to make it 2 1/2 miles to an exit that had a service center. We wait for the bus to cool down, then start it up. We know we wont be able to get far before the engine shuts down again. Jim is able to get it to the top of the hill before we had to kill it. We then proceeded to coast down the hill the last 1 1/2 miles, take the exit at 40 mph and turn right (thankfully no one was coming) to the gas station, all without power steering. We came to a stop right in front of the service center. It truly was one of those ?this could happen in a movie? moments.

Hey Robby,
East or West?
Biggest struggle you have while on the road spiritually?
Prayer request?
Is there eer a time you guys do not get along?

Making myself read my bible and spend time with God.
Pray for our families while we are gone. Most of us have multiple kids, so it can be a strain on our wives when we are gone for days at a time.
We are like brothers, so yes there are times we argue and disagree. But for the most part, we are able to survive each other and maintain good friendships.

Thanks for all the Questions?.I hope you all enjoyed reading the responses.