Hey fellow bloggers! First off I want to thank everyone for supporting our blog, but we have an emergency. Apparently our little blog has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Everywhere we went at GMA week, people were asking how our record label conned us in to start blogging because that must explain why it has gotten so big. Each time I politely respond by telling them it was myspace we got conned into, our blog is 100% pure MercyMe.

So my fellow bloggers, we need your help. Since there are those who think we are surely not doing this on our own, we want to blow this blog up huge! We want to show the power of “the Fan.” All we are asking is for you to tell your friends about the MM blog. We are putting all of our efforts, or fruits of our labor if you will, into this blog. The more feedback we get from you, the bigger we are going to try and make this thing.

Sotell your friendstell your enemiestell them all

The only place to get a hearty helping of 100% grade A, reduced fat (I am on a diet), no preservatives added, organic, whole wheat MercyMe is at www.MercyMe.org/blog.

Thank you for your time and God bless America.


Here are a few recurring things we are planning for the future:

“By Request Only”
MercyMe will attempt to perform songs requested by you. As long as it is clean, we will try to cover it. Should make for good comedy.

“The Order of The Thumb”
This is where we will review movies, music etc.

“More of Bart’s award winning interviews”
See a conversation with Aaron Shust.

More live shows streamed only for our blog readers.
Just think, you can avoid all those long lines at the actual show…please don’t though.

Dance Lessons with Barry
Hey Barry if this is the first time you are finding out about this, don’t worry. You will be awesome!