Ask Nathan
Well, You asked and Nathan answered. He answered every single one of the questions he had by yesterday. So if you want a little window into the man that is Nathan Cochran check out some of his answers. Next week is Mike, so get those questions ready.

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1: JoshQ: What got you into music and what made you choose the bass?
A: I guess my family was the biggest musical influence on me growing up. My dad taught me how to play the guitar. I picked up the bass, more to fill a need than anything, and played on the church worship team in my home town. Funny; I didn?t even own a bass when I left to join MM. The old bass player Kendal passed his on to me the day he left. I really do enjoy playing bass, but I don?t really use it as a song writing tool.

2: Joey McFarland
Q: Do you have kids? How many do you have? If you do, is it hard to balance being a dad and being on the road? How do you guys work that out?
A: I do have two kids. I enjoy every moment with them. I am not sure that there is a good way to balance being on the road and being home. There isn?t really a way to replace being there face to face. This is the biggest issue we face in our line of work. Since we are married and have children then we are called to be husbands and fathers first. MercyMe has to be secondary. Which can be difficult when this job takes us away and occupies so much of our time and attention. If we figure out the perfect formula for this we will let everyone know!

3: Heidi
Q: When did you put your faith in Christ? What is the biggest thing He changed about you
A: I gave my life to Christ at a young age. 10 or 11 I think it was. The biggest change about me was that I have been given grace. If we really dive into what that means I think that we cannot help but be changed.

4: Ray
Q: I was recently listening to the band on Coming Up To Breathe, specifically the bass since I play one too. I just wanted to know how you get that great sound out of the Fender Jazz? I?ve got a 1976 Jazz and can?t make it sound that fat yet punchy for the life of me.
A: Ahhhhhhh a bass gear question!! First, thanks for asking. Bass players get no respect! HAHA! Hmm. Well, thanks for your kind words about my work on Coming Up To Breathe. That was a fun record to make. For most of it I did use my Jazz Bass through my Ashdown ABM 900 head and into an Ampeg cab that I had at the time. It is a little unfair to compare your tone to the tones on a record. I had my amp running and a direct signal going at the same time. The direct and amp both get run through eq?s and compressors to make them sit just right in the mix. So don?t get discouraged by the comparison. But I do love the way my Ashdown amps sound. They are the best bass amps I have ever played. I also use a Sansamp Bass Driver live. It has always rounded out my sound nicely. Really, if you get to a place where you are happy with your tone that is all that matters.

5: Cynthia
Q: I?m a fellow Missourian. Where do you hail from, and how did you hook up with the MM guys?
A: I am originally from Columbia, MO. I was born there and lived there until August of ?97 when I joined MM and moved with them to Texas. Robby (our drummer) and I grew up going to church together. He moved to Oklahoma where he met Bart, Mike and Jim. Started playing with them. Then when they were in need of a new bassist Robby said he knew an old friend from MO that played, and oh yeah was also dating his sister! So he called, and the rest is history.

6: Carter
Q:What?s your favorite band besides MercyMe?? What?s your Favorite MercyMe song?
A: Favorite Band??. Diving Blind Favorite MM song???Unaware

7: wes
Q: Who is your favorite mm crew guy?????
A: I love all our crew guys equally. Like my children. hahahaha.

8: MMMike
Q: In a battle of wits? who would win? you or Yoda?
A: We already had this battle. I won!

9: Robbie
Q: When is your birthday? Do you have any siblings? I know your wife is Robby?s sister so that kind of answers the how you met her but when did you meet her and realize that she was the one? What kind of jobs did you have prior to MM?
A: My birthday is 5/26. I do have one younger sister, who is a superb vocalist herself. But don?t tell her I said so. My wife Amanda and I grew up going to church together, but it wasn?t until after I graduated from high school that we started ?hanging out?. I remember going out to eat with her and some friends one night. Our friends got up from the table leaving us by ourselves for a bit. I remember looking at her in that candle lit restaurant and falling in love all at once. It was like I had never seen her before. I had all sorts of jobs before MM. Here is a brief list:Lawn mowerRooferDishwasher at Golden CorralLowe?s home improvement warehouseWorked at church a lot since my parents were the pastors.

10: Karen
Q: Have you guys ever consider the idea of a girl in the band??
A: No, I can sing all the high female vocal parts so we don?t need a girl in the band. haha.

11: TLC
Q: I wish ya?ll would come out with a window decal for my car that I could buy at a concert or on the website were your tshirts are sold. Something like ?Mercy Me? in an arch w/ ?Glorifying God? under that.? Are you still adding blogs?
A: Maybe we should try a whole line of trial merch stuff. Like MM bobble heads. We could use more stickers. Good idea. And Yes, we are adding blogs.

12: Emma
Q: What?s your favorite color? Coke or Pepsi?
A: Favorite color???.the leaves changing in the fall. Coke or Pepsi??!!??..Mountain Dew!!!

13: Tim
Q: What bass player is your biggest influence?
A: Probably Paul McCartney. Not just for his bass playing but his song writing as well. A few other bassists I really like are- Justin Meldal Johnsen, Adam Clayton, Preston Martinez.

14: Andrew Glover
Q: Nate, I read that Robby is getting his feet wet as a manager for bands, he?s still with Mercy Me right?
A: Robby is still the drummer for MM. None of us are going anywhere. Just?. pursuing new things at the same time. Keep your eyes and ears ready for more news.;)

15: Jeannie
Q: Do you know if there is any way to buy a copy of the video of 3:42 am that some of us MM fans sent in and was played at the Coming up to Breathe concert last year?? (And BTW, it was really COOL to see my cute kidlet and nieces and nephews on the large screen at the Erie PA concert)
A: There is nowhere as of yet to get that video. I believe that we still have it on a hard drive somewhere. It was a fun video! I will do some research on it for ya!

16: Ezekiel Lopez
Q: Who?s the youngest in the band?
A: I happen to be the youngest member of MM.

17: Sandi
Q: What?s the easiest/best way to get the chance to me ya?ll?
A: Sorry you had waited so long. Well it really depends on the show. If you are on the west coast we are usually flying in and out so that puts a bigger crunch on our time. If you can contact your local radio when we come to town that is usually a good way to get back. Or, just send us an email and we will see what we can do. No promises though. Sometimes things are out of our control.

18: Your Sister
Q: How hard is it to have a sister WAY cooler than you are? Hehehe
A: Who let you on here!?

19: Wes
Q: How?s Bruce Cavalowski doing?
A: Bruce is doing just fine. Still waiting for that calculus book.

20: LoriAnn
Q: Nathan, MercyMe has proven to my son that ?Christian? music can be awesome and relevant in our lives. Does the band ever play small venues anymore? My favorite MM song is ?Spoken For?. God bless you all for your joyous message!
A: We still play all types of venues. Really just depends on who or what event is having us in. I am glad that our music is blessing your family. That is why we do what we do. If we stop hearing that, I think that is when we will quit.

21: Brenda
Q: Hey Nate, How do you manage being on the road soooo much and family time, time for God and time for you and time for the band etc?? You all are awesome!! Just got back to Florida from TN ( man it cold up there) and I listened to ?all that is within me? for hours LOL!!! Thanks and God Bless.
A: Well, I guess we have to just take it all in stride. Time for family is every moment I can get. Time for MM is either full on and crazy or a bit slow. But the slow moments are few. Time for God is every moment. Not that I walk around in constant communication with God, no one is a spiritual superman. I realized a long time ago that my walk with Christ is very personal and is not the responsibility of anyone else but myself. So even though I may not be home every sunday for church that doesn?t mean I can?t spend time with God. I guess that applies to all of us.

22: Karen Levy
Q: I am such a fan of the band and am inspired by each and every song. Recently I saw a small informal Mercy Me concert on some channel; goodness, I am sorry that I can?t remember which channel. In this concert they talked about writing and then sang the sweetest song that apparently was written on the fly about the 10 Commandments that was for children. I have tried to find the lyrics to that somewhere and have not been able to. Is there a chance that I could get the lyrics and even just the chorus to that song as it is a great teaching tool for children and adults alike to remember the 10 commandments?
A: Ahh ha. Yes that song is called ?Ten Simple Rules?. It was part of a kids show called Hoop Dogz. It was our way of spelling out the 10 commandments in a way that kids would hopefully remember and understand. One of these days I will post the lyrics.

23: P Scrumshish Tinez
Q: I heard you are also in another band that is the rocktasticist rock band to ever rock a rock. Is this accurate?
A: Hmmm, such rumors could have some truth behind them. Patience friends.

24: mcwesty
Q: With your schedules how and when do you find time to spend time in the word. Also how have you been able to stand firm in your faith and love for God with all the trials you have all had over the years. It is a struggle.
A: A lot of times riding on the bus is a great place to get into the word. It can be a bit distracting when everyone is up and doing things, but that usually doesn?t stop us. It really just takes a little discipline to remember to open the word.We have been through a lot the last few years. Loosing loved ones, friends, and helping others through some pretty difficult times. One of the first things you have to do is realize that God did not leave us. Sometimes that is all it takes to calm your spirit and give peace to difficult times. Knowing that God is there doesn?t always make things hurt less, but we know that He will see us through.

25: andrea brightwell
Q: 1. When is your next concert in Greenville? I have been a fan of mm for years and miss the small, intimate concerts and have heard your Greenville concerts are more like that plus I?m sure you enjoy the home crowd.
2. Which MercyMe member has a lake house near Tawakoni near our good friends and Hurst, TX neighbors Mark and Lynn Cowell??
3. Years ago at a six flags concert MM sang a song about the 10 commandments I believe. It was a rainy night and you guys pulled out the stools, sat and sang this song you supposedly wrote if I remember right wrote for a cartoon?? It was amazing! Where can I get a copy of the song??
A: (1) Not sure when the next Greenville stop will be. Probably not til Christmas.(2) Hmmm. None of is live in a ?Lake House?. Jim does live near the lake. I get standing water in my yard when it rains hard. Does that count? =)(3) Please refer to question #22

26: Daniel Crowe
Q: Will we ever see the chicken dance in a MercyMe video again?
A: I think that you can find the MM chicken dance on YouTube.

27: Mistie Hardt ?Kewpie Friend? Rhode
Q: How?s Amanda and children? Fine, I hope. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the Ten Commandments song? I can?t find it!
A: Hello fellow Kewpie. Ok so I will expalin. The high school that I went to in Missouri,(Hickman), had a lovable Kewpie as our mascot. I know I know. Sissy mascot. But we did have a powerhouse football team! Some fun trivia for you-I was in the 100th graduating class from Hickman. Jim?s (our Keyboardist) parents also attended Hickman. Just a little over 50 years earlier. Please refer to Question #22 about the song.

28: Becky Bauer
Q: I didn?t start getting close to Christ until maybe a year or so ago. I believe it was the music from MM and so many others like yourselves that got me started, and the church I started to go to has shown me it is a relief to let go and let God in. Keep up the good work through Christ and song and God Bless you all.
A: Thanks for the encouragement! It blesses us to know that God is blessing you through our music.