thomas-the-tank-engine.jpgThomas the train… there a soundtrack out there that is more of an audible beating??? I submit that there is not.

About an hour from where we live in Tx. there is an old railway system in Grapevine, Tx. Once a year they have the spectacle that is….A Day Out With Thomas the Train. Well, last fall Ben, my 3 year old was consumed with nothing more on this beautiful earth than Thomas and His Friends. (This was when we ordered the tickets for it)

Now he doesn’t watch a lot of T.V. thanks to mommy…(daddy gets pretty lazy and let’s him,) but somehow, after the few times he watched a Thomas and Friends DVD, I can’t get the flippin’ songs out of my head. Much to mine and Abby’s pleasure, the last 3 months or so, he’s shifted his attention back to more of a four wheeled obsession. Cars and trucks, tractors and trailors. The great thing about that is, the only soundtrack are the sound effects he makes while he’s driving them, and the occasional Rascall Flatts version of Life is a Highway. Well, today was full of those horrid songs, and brought forth a fear in me that only a parent who has sat through a Thomas and Friends movie can truly know….”WHAT IF HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH THOMAS AGAIN!!!!”

Here’s hoping that Lightning McQueen will win this war and remain 1st in Ben’s little heart!!!!