2857sm.jpgThe last few days down here in TX have been absolutely beautiful! Which went along well with the end of the Winter Jam tour for us. It has been great to be home, go outside, finish the honey-do list etc. And with Easter here it has been great to be with my family and be able to focus in on the reason for the holiday.

My son William will be 6 in a few months so he is a well full of questions and great statements about God. We talked about the cross and what sacrifice means. Why Christ came and why we needed saving in the first place. One of his great statements was about Christ rising from the dead. He asked “How does God have all that power?” Which I could only answer, “I don’t really know?” He said it must just be because he is God! I said “That’s right buddy!”

My family and I took time to go to a concert ourselves last night. Got to see Jeremy Camp and Toby Mac play at Six Flags over Texas. It was a great time in worship and a lot of fun! I talked to Jeremy for a while afterwards, and since it was the last night of tour he was looking forward to being home as much as I had been. We were both talking about Easter being close and how it was great that our tours ended in time for us to really be home and with family.

It seems that we both felt the same, that in a way for us, Easter is kind of another Thanksgiving. It really is! We take time out to thank God for what he has done for us! Time to celebrate that the greatest miracle in the universe has taken place. God made a covenant with us. That for His glory, He would show love toward us and save us when we didn’t really know we needed saving. Pretty cool huh! As William would put it.
Happy Easter,