What’s Joel Thinking?


This is us performing at the 54th National Prayer Breakfast. That’s our Tour Manager and Road Pastor Joel right there in the front…. facing the other way.

Let’s have a caption contest. What’s Joel thinking in this picture?

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  • Chris

    “Those prima donnas didn’t give me a scooter…”

  • Josh Canady

    Is that where Lincoln was shot?

  • Josh Canady

    I can only imagine…..not hearing this song again

  • Mark the Simpleton

    Why does this woman in front of me have a hand growing out of her neck?

  • todd

    Why didn’t Jim have to wear a black shirt?

  • West

    If I grew out my hair and gotee, I would look just like Bart…..hmmmmmmmmmmm, people would ask ME to sing “I could only imagine”.

  • Sandi

    haha I like Josh Canady’s answer, lol

    “I Can Only Imagine what these dudes will come up with In The Blink of an Eye for their next blog video”

  • Jamison Smith

    Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill!

  • Just A Passer By

    “Man, I’m hungry. When are they going serve breakfast already? Hey, did I hear a mouse running through the AC pipes? I’m after him. Joel eat when Joel want.”

  • Cathy

    Hey, that monkey hanging from the rafters is way more interesting than this breakfast!

  • Heidi

    “What on God’s green planet just dripped on my head? That better not be spit!”


  • andira

    Why is there a net of balloons hanging from the ceiling? I don’t recall requesting that….oh wait, maybe they are for me! Maybe they decided to honor my birthday today instead of on my birthday.

    Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Why would they honor my birthday on a different day? And why would they honor it here? Besides, half of these people don’t know me. I guess they would if someone announced it. Maybe it’s someone else’s birthday. Why would someone honor someone’s birthday at the national prayer breakfast?…..

  • Wes

    Hmmm… Should have used Preparation H…

  • Rebecca

    that is an interesting grey dot on the ceiling… it looks like a shoe…no…It looks more like the state of Texas…no it looks like Barry on a bad hair day… [*continues to analyze the dot rather than pay attention*]

  • Just a Fan

    Hmmm, who can I get with the shocking pen next?

  • Katie

    “Mercy Me is so good, I could just listen to them all day, hey look at the pretty buterfly…”

  • Katie

    “Hakkuna Mattata, what a wonderful phrase, hakkuna mattata, ain’t no passin’ craze…”

  • Katie

    “Rabid man-eating squirrel!!!”

  • rachel

    WOW there are clouds forming above my head!

  • Aubrey

    What did they put in that casserole? And where is the nearest path to the men’s room???

  • Jason

    “It’s a bird; It’s a plane; It’s a……a….what is that??”

  • Tammy

    Are you talkin to me?

  • Christy

    Is that thing gonna fall? I wonder if we are having sausage, I love sausage.
    Christy in KY

  • Brenda

    Hey does anyone else notice THAT THING,do we have enough lights, too dark ??toolight
    / Should i get up and check?

  • Dale Best

    “This has to be the most boring MercyMe show ever. We need some lights in here…maybe some foggers and bigger sound!!

  • Jodie R

    What did the good witch say? “Just click your heels together and say, There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”

    Man this isn’t working! Stupid red slippers!
    Where did the professor go in that ballon?

  • Emma

    “It’s the Phantom of the Opera!”

  • alan

    “Did I leave my Studio Hair Color backstage at the 700 Club?”

  • StrivingTessa

    I like Heidis’, that is pretty good. I say… “but if I can swim after 40 days…” hee, hee, hee

  • Katie Williams

    Are you talkin’ to me lady? … I don’t know. Who’s Bart? Who’s Rob? Who’s Jim? Who’s Nate? Who’s Barry? Who’s Mike? …Who am I? Stupid short term memory loss.

  • Annie

    Just look at those noisy teenagers up there lady. I can’t believe them, i spend all this time planning a nice, Christian get together breakfast for mercy me, and their children are not even paying attention! If my daughter was up there, i’d surly, WHAT!!! SUZIE!!! GET DOWN HEREEE! who is she with!?!!! That reproachful young man?! so scandalous! I’ll have his head if he touches her…. They really need to pay attention, i didn’t spend all this time for nothing.

  • Patrick Bartsch

    Yes Lord.

  • Patrick Bartsch

    Hey, is that guy going to jump? Oh well, I guess I had better start looking for a phone to call 911.

  • Patrick Bartsch

    Okay Lord, I will leave this lady alone…she is a hottie though. Are you sure I can’t pull her is for a quick kiss?

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