retro-christmas-lights1.jpgSo as some of you read, I get really lazy when it comes to taking down the Christmas lights off of my house. Im good about doing it on the inside, but the outside shows how lazy I really am.

So a mere 54 days after Christmas, I finally took down the Christmas lights off of the house. And my neighborhood rejoiced. I think the amazing thing in this whole process is counting up the many excuses that I can come up with that keep me from doing, what when its all said and done, took 45 min to complete.

Some of the excuses Im best known for include… “the wind is blowing too hard from the North today”. “Its too cold.” “I need a new ladder first.” or my personal favorite…. “I need to spend time with my family today.” When all else fails, you can really make yourself feel good by spending time with your family and put off work at the same time. So there you have it…this concludes the saga of the Shaffer house Christmas celebration. What started the day after thanksgiving, finally came to a close the third week of Feb.

Happy Holidays.