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  • Christy

    That is still and will forever be one of my most favorite songs. It is neat to see how people interpret songs. He did a good job. I love thinking that the day is coming. It says in the Word to encourage each other in the fact that the day is coming. This song should make anyone happy and encourage us all.

  • Heidi

    When this song hit mainstream radio I about rejoiced myself right out of my skin. Love it!!

    Heidi Reed

  • Sandi

    hehe, Heidi is right. One day I changed the station to a secular, pop rock station. I rarely listen that musisc anymore but I wanted a change. Then “I Can Only Imagine” came on. At first it didn’t phase me as far as what station it was on because I hear it all the time on KLOVE. So I was singing along to it and worshipping the Lord…then the next song came on…and like a moron, I thought, “I didn’t think this was a Christian song.” Well, duh Sandi, it’s not and you are listening to a secular station. hahaha. At that point, I called my mother all excited that MercyMe had just hit the main stream stations and how many people could be touched and ministered to by that. haha. Ok, enough humiliating myself…..MercyMe rocks…and “I Can Only Imagine” is one of the greatest songs around! Be blessed!

  • Char

    Wow. He was good. He should go on American Idol! 🙂 Look out Bart!

  • Laura

    Hola. tengo apenas un año concociendo al Señor Jesucristo y en una revista cristiana que se distribuye en Mazatlán, Sinaloa México, vi un reportaje la Band Mercy Me y en especial de esta canción I can only imagine, y aunque mi inglés no es bueno, al muchacho que la interpreta, felicidades por que canta y toca realmente hermoso. Desafortunadamente no puedo ver todo el video por fallas al momento de bajarlo, pero felicitaciones a la banda y al joven que interpreta… Gracias y espero alguien pueda enviarme esta canción a mi correo y algunos temas cristianos

  • Rachel

    I absolutely love this song! I also found another version on YouTube which features some of YouTube’s biggest musicians and thought I’d share with everyone else. The link is

    God bless you all!


    I am a 59 year old man and have been ‘hooked’ on “…imagine” since I first heard it. It contains a mystery in its lyrics that is overwhelming. It sounded to me, at first to be a “when” song. I have recently discovered, through revelation from the Holy Spirit that it is actually a “now” song. Now, we stand in the Son. If we believe that we are now present with Jesus, the song changes its focus. I have found, in the presence of the Son that at times to my knees I fall, sometimes stand. Some of the time I can sing, other times in awe I am silent. A week ago during praise and worship I found myself in the presence of the Son, on my face. Later, I joined the children of the congregation skipping to the worship music around the congregation. At 59 I joined them. We were being led in worship from young men from Rwanda. After the skipping by the youngsters was done I found myself in the presence of the Son in front of the congregation standing alone. There was a Rwandan woman sitting before me, I took her by the hand and the two of us danced before the Lord, eye to eye, heart to heart, before Him. “Imagine” is a “now” song…can happen in the present. Thank you all so much for allowing your talents to be used by God! As one of the young men said: “If you have feet you can dance, If you have a voice you can sing”. Blessings from your brother in Boise, ID.

  • Jacob

    Hello I’m from El Salvador and this song “I Can Only Imagine” I feel that when I hear, feel that touches my soul and I break before God.

    Many Blessings.

  • terry

    I just wanted to say thanks for a beautiful song.In April of 2007 my wife and I were married, after being together for 12 years it was time. On may 31 2007. she was in a automobile accident and was taken to the ICU in palms springs ca.Things didn’t look good and for two weeks it went up and down. The hospital gave me the okay to play her some music because it seem to help.On June 14th 2007.I had your cd playing and when “I can only imagine” came on she took her last breath.When she left this world and steped into the next she had a smile that was of peace and joy, but I know that Jesus was there to meet her.Your song has a very deep meaning today and when Laura was still with us, it was her favorit

  • Chris R

    I am about to see MercyMe for the 1st time ever live (11-09-08, although they have been to my city(Abilene, TX) at least one time before, that I can remembe, I unfortunately at that time before they came last, had only had the blessing of hearing them play I Can Only Imagine, on CD, and it was at my Grandmother’s funeral. I was sitting there unphased it seemed by the surrealness of her passing away, and wondering why she had to go so soon, but then I heard music playing, and it was the start of I Can Only Imagine, I sat there with my wfe, listening to that sog playing, and it was like I was comforted instantly, reminding me that we live for the Lord, and in death we are not forgotten or lost, we are taken Home to be with him, and that song began my journey towards becomming a Chrstian, as well as my wife and y 4 kids drawing closer to God. I just want to thank all of the members of MercyMe for giving me beautiful music that I can play anytime, and be remined me of the Love and the Glory and of the awsome Power of Jesus Christ, I can feel the presence of God when I am listening to your Music, you guys are really blessed to be able to inspire others like that, and I thank you from he bottom of my heart, as well as my family, we Love You guys, please keep up the good work, and we look foward to seeing you on this Sunday night in Abilene, TX, thank you for commig to our city!


    Chris R and family

  • Dee

    I have heard this song plenty of times before, but never truly listened to the words and the other day it was playing on the television radio, I immediately stopped what I was doing and started worshipping the Lord. IT brought chills to my body, I forgot where I was, but also remembered where I was. I began to imagine my self seeing Jesus, and it hit me, that I WAS in his presence, although I cannot visibily or physically see him, he was standing before me. He is always around me (and US)… and at that moment, I realized like never before that each and every moment we must live , breath, and speak as though we are in his prescence. I love him so much, because he first loved me. And although I am not perfect, I want to try my best every moment of everday so that I may please him. This song is truly a blessing and everytime I listen to it I cry with tears of joy and gratefulness. LIke one person said it is a “now” song just as much as it is a “when” song. I am a worship dancer at my church and this is the song I am doing for mothers day, so everyone else can realize the lord is amoung us now!

  • Chaelie MacIntyre

    Great music w/ wonderful lyrics

  • Gittinby3749


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